Tom Ford Oud Minerale

I finally caved and bought my first full size Tom Ford fragrance. As today is gloomy with clouds and rain it felt like the right day to talk about Oud Minerale by Tom Ford. Details per Sephora:

Private Blend Oud Minérale merges rare and precious oud with the fresh exuberance of the ocean, capturing the refreshing play of surf and sea against the burning flame of smoked wood. Tom Ford’s reinvention of oud marks an olfactive watershed that pairs two of the world’s most intriguing elements to reveal tonalities both exhilarating and powerfully transcendent.

Key Notes Salty Seaweed, Pink Peppercorn, Oud Blend, Styrax, Ambergris Accord, Fir Balsam

Lets start with this delicious bottle. Dark grey glass with silver accents. Love it. This scent is a deep, salty, sea scent. It has an earthy quality to it with a hint of spice. You get some oud, but not much, just enough to round it out. There’s plenty of green seaweed & salty air with a bit of spice from pink peppercorn. I love pink peppercorn because it’s a touch sweet in it’s scent. I also love it in food it has a very unique flavor. One of my favorite ways to subtly spice up a scent is with pink peppercorns.

I am completely addicted to marine or sea scents. I love the light ones, I love the deeper dark ones like this. This one is unisex and will behave differently with every persons unique chemistry. The silage is good as well as the longevity. It’s stronger and deeper than a skin scent but nothing overpowering at all. You can wear this in the daytime and to work with no issues.

If you love Heeley Sel Marin or Hermes Epice Marine than you’ll most likely love this one too. They’re all that salty, sweaty, spicy, deeper marine scent. This one has less spice than Hermes and more green salty seaweed. Tom Ford is also a bit more earthy from the oud which makes it the deepest and earthiest of the three. The other two have a few lighter citrus of woody hints to brighten them a bit. This Tom Ford scent reminds me of a really humid deep cloudy rainy day walking on a beach next to the sea.

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