I’m Michelle. As a long time beauty addict I created this blog to help anyone out in their beauty endeavors by sharing swatches, comparing products, and writing reviews of high end makeup, hair care, skin care & niche fragrances.

I was born and raised in Denver where I studied Illustration and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts then four years later I switched to Nursing and earned my RN BSN. Then I spent some time in Montana and recently moved to Texas. I live near Houston with my toddler, husband, cat and two Great Danes. My skincare will be based on this climate-humid and hot. I have combination skin in the summer and normal to dry in the winter.

I’m 39, so I have all the struggles of aging and past sun damage from not wearing sunscreen or washing my face well–for years (oops). So I have dark circles, fine eye lines, and emerging forehead wrinkles. I also have mild redness in my cheeks and developed Melasma the last few years. My skincare quests are to find well formulated anti-aging products that actually work. I have already gone through hormonal acne and finally got rid of it a few years back.

I do believe a good skincare regimen and daily sunscreen are essential. A clean face at night before bed, no wipes to remove makeup are a must. Good skin is a necessary canvas for good makeup. Skin care should also be tailored for your skin type, the climate you live in and what season it is. Taking all three of those things into consideration are very important in deciding on skin care.

I’m a MAC NC 25-27 and have a warmer light medium to medium skin tone. I’m not usually a straight NC 25 it’s too yellow and pale, I need depth. I have a bit of olive or neutral in my skin tone. Which means I’m usually able to get away with a more neutral beige or slightly olive based foundation.

I’ve tried so many different products and brands over the years so I’m no longer wooed by hype–except on occasion as I’m human. I’m a nurse and very detail oriented for my job so expect an honest, analytical view. I write things from the point of view of a person who wants easy, well formulated products. I have no time for a very long makeup routine. I have a toddler who’s 2 and a full time job. I’m lucky if I can get my face washed on some days.