Chanel Coco Code Joues Contraste Blush 370 Elegance: Review & Swatches

So I’m very late to getting this review out. Mostly because I was late to the Elegance party. I was so focused on the Chanel Spring Coco Code Blush Harmony that I skipped over Joues Contraste Powder Blush Elegance. It wasn’t until I went to the Houston Galleria a few weeks ago that I noticed how gorgeous it was. Details per Chanel:

A soft, silky powder blush that enhances the complexion with a touch of colour and radiance. In a wide range of shades.

JOUES CONTRASTE features “baked powder” technology: a manufacturing process exclusive to Chanel that results in a particularly soft, fine texture. For easy application and touch-ups, the compact includes a deluxe brush.

The blush is a silky powder with a soft finely milled texture. This shade is the US version, the European versions can be a baked harder texture. It’s smooth and pigmented. You can use a soft to medium density brush to apply for good color pay off. It does have that very strong perfume scent, always to my disapproval. I would own more Chanel blushes if they weren’t so strongly scented.

The color Elegance is a shimmery medium peach with a hint of nude and in the sunlight a hint of peach pink shimmer. The shimmer is very refined in this one, no glitter. The shimmer adds a multi-textural feel to the blush and gives it a glow and life versus being flat. Elegance comes across more of a satin finish versus a shimmer finish. This shade adds a very natural healthy flush to the cheeks. I couldn’t be happier with it.

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