Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation N30: Review & Swatches

I love Chanel makeup. It’s classic, tasteful and well done. I normally am not into cushion foundations for a multitude of reasons. I was very intrigued by the idea of Chanel making a cushion style foundation. I was sold once Pixiwoos loved Les Beiges Healthy Glow Gel Touch Foundation on Instagram. Details per Chanel:

This cushion compact features a lightweight aqua-gel texture to leave skin with a subtle tint and sheer, dewy finish. An exclusive fabric mesh delivery system offers the most optimal, even application. In 10 shades, from light to deep. Enriched with Kalanchoe Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, the refreshing formula helps to provide up to eight hours of hydration, along with optimal protection and soothing comfort.

This comes in a Les Beiges style case with a beige top with Chanel logo. The puff is very thin yet sturdy, and has the perfect foam density. You’re going to be able to wash it without fearing it’s going to fall apart. The sponge sits on top of a lid that flips out. This lid locks the gel foundation inside, no leaking at all. I’ve stood mine upright to store, still no leaking. The inside delivery system is not a sponge like normal cushion foundations. Instead the product is delivered through a unique mesh system.

This foundation has a liquid gel texture. It has a very faint Magnolia scent. Some of the Chanel fragranced items are too powerful for me, this one is OK. It’s not too strong. I grabbed shade 30 which is an OK match. It looks a little cool pink beige and too light at first, it sets a bit darker and warmer. It’s still more in the neutral category versus warm. I would like to look into grabbing shade 40 one day as it looks warmer.

The texture is so light and refreshing. It has an immediate cooling effect when applied to the skin. It’s so perfect for summer. This is a sheer to light coverage foundation. You’re not going to get more out of it than that. It has no oily texture at all, just very light and water like in it’s feel on the skin. It’s dewy and hydrating without being oily or greasy. I experienced no breakouts or any adverse effects from using. It didn’t clog my pores or anything like that. It lasts 8 hours before fading some. I love that this does not get oily in my t-zone later in the day. It truly is a perfect summer or hot and humid environment foundation. This didn’t transfer very much either. When I rubbed my face it pretty much stays intact. It rubs off a small amount, but nothing like a normal oil based or regular fluid foundation.

This sets down and the best way to apply is to pat a thin layer on the skin. Let it set. Then work in another layer on the skin. I usually do two full layers all over my face. Then a third layer around my nose and cheeks. I can pat a tiny bit extra onto the cheeks for mostly covering my redness, but you’re still going to see a lot of skin with this light foundation. I normally don’t like traditional cushion style foundations because they’re too oily feeling for me and are so light in coverage I might as well just use a tinted moisturizer. This Chanel foundation is different. It’s a truly water light gel foundation, that actually stays put.

This is most comparable to the new Cle de Peau Radiant Stick Foundation. Both have a very light coverage, water like cooling feel on application. I like both. Different styles of application. Cle de Peau lasts longer, absolutely won’t budge and is more my shade. Chanel is a touch light as far as shades go, doesn’t last quite as long as the Cle de Peau. However, the Chanel is almost half the cost and is a better deal. Both are excellent choices for a cooling, water feel foundation that’s perfect for summer. Or hot and humid climates year round.

Chanel’s Directions to Apply

Using puff applicator, gently press down onto pre-soaked fabric mesh and pat evenly over entire face. Can also be applied with Retractable Foundation Brush for a more buildable result. Reapply throughout the day, as desired.

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