Chanel Ombre Premiere Eyeshadow: Review & Swatches

Chanel is one of my favorite of all time makeup brands. It’s always classic, modern and has excellent quality. Chanel just released a new line of eyeshadow singles called Ombre Premiere. Yes please. Details per Chanel:

Presenting OMBRE PREMIÈRE, a new eyeshadow in smooth cream and powder textures with matte, satin or metallic finishes — made to apply with Chanel Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica’s favorite artistry technique: layering.

CHANEL OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Cream Eyeshadow A smooth-texture cream shadow that glides on effortlessly to leave an elegant satin finish. In eight versatile, longwearing shades, from delicate nudes and pinks to steely blacks. Includes a rounded brush for optimal application.
This easy-to-wear formula can be applied with fingertips. For the most ideal application, use accompanying brush applicator or Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush. Wear alone or mix and match to create your own shades. For a custom colour look and a lasting, more intense result, apply before OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Powder Eyeshadow.

I grabbed three shades(above starting top then clockwise): 806 Terre Brulee, 814 Silver Pink, 802 Undertone. The Ombre Premiere is a harder, denser, drier more pigmented formula than Illusion d’Ombre. It has a satin finish that lasts all day. The longevity is amazing on these. I’ve been testing these for a while and it’s been so hot and humid here in Texas, but these are holding up like a champ in the summer weather. No fading or creasing for 12-16 hour day.

The drier formula increases the longevity and there’s no creasing. I found the Illusion d’Ombre creased after 6 hours which is why I wasn’t a huge fan. However, the drier formula means it sets quickly. One it sets it’s good to go for the day. 

You can use your finger to apply these or a brush. Your finger gives a sheerer wash of color. A brush delivers more intensity. You’re going to need a very stiff brush to be able to pick up this dense, dry formula. The shadows come with a small to medium sized stiff synthetic brush. It works well to apply around the lash line and crease area for more intensity. This is the first included brush with an item that I’ve liked in a while. It works well for this product.

I was able to blend together and wear two shades of the cream shadow. I used Undertone as the all over wash then used Silver Pink in the crease, outer 1/3 of the lid and lash line. They can be blended together, it just requires some effort. These don’t effortlessly blend together. You can add layers with these to get more intensity, just work quickly.

Undertone is a shimmery light nude. It’s darker than my lid by a touch and adds a bit of shimmer and color. It’s very subtle on it’s own. Terre Brulee is a pigmented warm medium bronze. It has quite a bit of shimmer as some gold micro glitter. Silver Pink was a last minute add on. I was thinking by the name it would be too pink, however I threw it in last minute before I checked out and I’m so happy I did. Silver Pink is for the taupe lovers. It’s a shimmery warmer taupe. It has more shimmer than Undertone but no glitter like Terre Brulee. Silver Pink is actually my favorite purchase of all six shades. I’ve been reaching for it quite a bit.

CHANEL OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Powder Eyeshadow A soft-textured powder shadow that offers even, longwearing colour. In 16 richly-pigmented shades with matte, satin or metallic finishes. Includes a sponge applicator for shading and a brush applicator for blending. Wear alone or mix and match to create your own shades. For a custom colour look and a lasting, more intense result, layer over OMBRE PREMIÈRE Longwear Cream Eyeshadow.

I grabbed three shades(above top to bottom): 10 Flesh, 14 Talpa, 32 Bronze Antique. The powder formula is thin and finely milled. It’s a little on the drier end, but it’s not powdery. It’s moderately pigmented and applies smoothly. I found these applied alone do crease a bit. They did fade some after a 12 hour day as well as had some creasing-even over an eye primer.

Flesh is a shimmery light warm pink. Talpa is a shimmery taupe. It’s a touch cooler than Silver Pink. Bronze Antique is a light shimmery cooler bronze. It looks more like a dirty gold than bronze. Bronze Antique is a bit thinner and more shimmery than the other two shades. It was also a touch drier and sheerer. It was slightly different in texture.

The powder shades were easy to layer over the cream shadows. Layering them over the creams did increase their longevity and prevent creasing. I used the powders on the brow bone, or in the crease outer 1/3 of the lid. I also tried Bronze Antique on the inner lid to add a lightness and extra shimmer to the creams.

Overall I could do without the powder shades. They were OK, but nothing stood out on them. They felt average. It’s also because the powder shades felt limited in the shades available. None of the shades were really my type-shimmery medium nudes. The stand out of the collection is the cream shadows with Silver Pink in particular being my top pick.

Top to Bottom: Flesh, Bronze Antique, Talpa, Undertone, Silver Pink, Terre Brulee:

Compared with Top to Bottom: Silver Pink, Tom Ford Platinum, Undertone, Terre Brulee, Tom Ford Spice(Chanel is much drier, denser and harder than Tom Ford which is moist and mousse like in texture):

Compared with Top to Bottom: Talpa, Natasha Denona Satin Tan & Smoky Quartz, SUQQU Designing Eyes Taupe from 01, Surratt Zibeline:

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