Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick: Swatches & Review

I bought these Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Luminous Modern-Matte Lipsticks in November, but had to test them for a while before I could review them. Then my move threw me a little behind as well. I have three shades to talk about Bond Girl, Very Victoria and Red Carpet Red. Being in the US I had to order these from Selfridges. Once Charlotte Tilbury came to the US I lost the ability to order from her UK website like I used to. The bummer is that the UK website tends to get all the good stuff before we do here. In this case the Matte Revolution lipsticks came out last September in the UK, but won’t arrive in the US until March. By one person I was told February, by Charlotte’s UK customer service I was told March. I didn’t want to wait that long to try them. These are supposed to be a matte that is more hydrating and has a fuller, less flat look with ‘3D glowing pigments for a lit-from-within look’. I had to try it. The price came out to about $29, and a regular lipstick is $32 in the US currently. So it was a touch less, but add the shipping and it makes it a touch more.

Selfridges can be quite a pain to order from, as it almost always gets stuck in customs. I have to give DHL all my information, and then try to get Selfridges to get DHL the manufacturer address, which takes about a week. So it’s always delayed. If you’re OK with that delay and having to go through it, Selfridges is a great place to order from. You can get Suqqu cheaper than other Japanese websites, and some other things you can’t get here. The VAT also always comes off the online price once you enter a US address, which helps make up for the high 25 pound shipping cost.

I do agree with Charlotte’s website description, this is a matte that’s not overly drying, it’s the moistest mattes I own. This makes it extremely comfortable to wear for a matte. It lasts about 4-6 hours or so, maybe a touch less than a really dry matte, but the comfort makes it worth the extra touch up. It has a velvet like feel and appearance. It does have a fuller, less flat look from whatever pigments she put in them. I love the way it looks on. This has easily become my favorite matte lipstick formula. I can’t wait until it arrives in the US so I can try a few other shades. Walk of Shame and Sexy Sienna are next on my list. I would highly recommend trying this lipstick. However, there might be some people who are die hard true drier matte formula fans who may not like the differences in this lipstick. If you like the look of matte, but hate the dry and flat look, these are for you. These have the same vanilla scent and rose gold metal case as the regular KISSING lipsticks, they do have a square tip which is different from the others. Like mattes this also does settle in lip lines eventually and needs a good freshly scrubbed base before applying. I find sometimes I have to wipe it completely off in the middle of the day once and just redo it, to reduce the uneveness. That’s standard for me with mattes or long lasting lipsticks.

One odd thing is that after I got these delivered from Selfridges, when I opened two of them, the lipstick had come completely out of the tube base. It was intact, but it was like it had gotten smashed into the cap a bit, then when I opened the cap it stuck to it and slid right out of the swivel base. They were frozen when I got them delivered in Montana, as it was cold there at the time, which made it very easy for me to slide them back into the base of the case. I was then worried that they would come out all the time after that, but they never did. They have not been wobbly, or moved at all since I placed them back into their base. I’ve warmed them up some, stood them upside down for a day, and they never came out again, so I’m not sure what happened there. It wasn’t that big of deal since they were OK, so I didn’t try to exchange them, as doing that from the US to UK is a big deal.

Starting on the left is Bond Girl. Bond Girl is described as a chic natural berry. I would say that’s accurate. It’s not a deep berry, just a nice neutral medium berry shade. It’s not really cool, nor really warm, so neutral describes it well. In the middle is Very Victoria which is described as a suede taupe nude. That’s pretty accurate. It’s a deeper nude, so this won’t make your lips disappear. It feels neutral to me, it’s not warm, but it’s not that really cool brown nude which makes me look sick since I have a warm complexion. It has enough warmth to not look dead, yet still be neutral. This one has a slight touch of shimmer which does not show on the lips. On the Right is Red Carpet Red. This is your standard true ruby red. It’s a blue based red. This has a hint of shimmer in it, yet again doesn’t show on the lips. The shimmer is less than Very Victoria. This one does stain the most. The others leave a hint of a stain, as you can see below after swatching them. Red Carpet Red on top, Very Victoria below and Bond Girl at the bottom.

L to R Bond Girl, Very Victoria, Red Carpet Red:

L to R Bond Girl, Very Victoria, Red Carpet Red:

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