Chikuhodo Takumi T-6, T-7 & Wayne Goss #03 Brushes: Review & Comparison

I recently decided to try a few of the Chikuhodo Takumi series eye brushes. The Takumi series uses white Saikoho goat hair which is really soft. I grabbed the T-6 and T-7 off of Beautylish. The T-6 is a large eyeshadow brush and retails for $38. This is a large tapered round brush, it’s almost like a mini highlight brush. It’s similar to the Hakuhodo J212 except tapered. I don’t have the Hakuhodo J212 anymore to compare exact size. I was surprised how big the T-6 was when I opened it. This has super soft white goat hair, it’s a fluffy medium to light density brush. It’s great for blending or to lay down color over a large area. It did create fall out for me, even with eyeshadows that without this brush I don’t get fall out.

The T-7 is a medium eyeshadow brush and retails for $27. This is a longer flat rounded brush that is good for blending and I love it for liquid eyeshadow. I actually bought this to use with the Armani Eye Tints. It works fabulously with these. Some of the other brushes I tried with the Eye Tints didn’t blend well enough or deposited too much product which made the result uneven. This is kind of like a mini MAC 217 or Hakuhodo J5523 brush. The hair is soft and it has a medium density. 

I also have the Wayne Goss #03 which is a large crease brush that retails for $32. This is a large tapered, round crease eyeshadow brush. The hair isn’t listed on the site, but it feels like goat died black. It’s less soft hair than the Takumi series for sure. It’s a medium to light density, it does well at blending, but I found it too large as a crease brush for me. I found it ultimately useless for me as I have others I prefer as a blending brush, like the newer Chikuhodo Takumi T-6 I had just gotten.

L to R: Wayne Goss #03, Chikuhodo T-6, Chikuhodo T-7:

The brushes I had closest in size to compare to the Chikuhodo T-6 is the Chikuhodo Z-5 and Wayne Goss #17. The T-6 is longer, round, fluffier and less dense, the other two are flat rounded paddle brushes so their use is not the same at all. But in case you have one of these I thought it would help you grasp how wide and large the T-6 is. The T-6 does apply a lighter base layer in comparison due to it’s less dense fluffy shape. I talked about the Chikuhodo Z-5 and Wayne Goss #17 here.
L to R: Chikuhodo T-6, Chikuhodo Z-5, Wayne Goss #17:

Top to Bottom: Wayne Goss #17, Chikuhodo Z-5, Chikuhodo T-6:

Top View for Size Comparison: Top to Bottom: Wayne Goss #17, Chikuhodo Z-5, Chikuhodo T-6:

The closest ones I had in size to compare with the Chikuhodo T-7 and Wayne Goss #03 are the Hakuhodo J5523 and J146. The Hakuhodo J5523 is a long, flat rounded blending brush and is most similar in shape and use to the Chikuhodo T-7 except larger. The Hakuhodo J146 is a smaller crease brush and is the size I prefer for a crease brush, so to show how big the Wayne Goss #03 is. I talked about the Hakuhodo brushes here. The Wayne Goss is the least dense of the bunch.

L to R: Hakuhodo J5523, Hakuhodo J146, Wayne Goss #03, Chikuhodo T-7:


Top View for Size Comparison: Top to Bottom: Chikuhodo T-7, Wayne Goss #03, Hakuhodo J146, Hakuhodo J5523:

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