Cleansing Cloths, Flannels, Muslin: A Comparison

I wanted to compare three cleansing cloths, flannels, washcloths or whatever you would like to call them. I started out with EVE LOM Muslin Cloths years ago. You can get a set of three for $22. They are 100% cotton and I find these cloths give the deepest clean. I started using these as all the time cleansing cloths. Lately I really use these as my mask removal cloths. They work amazingly for that. The cloths have this thin light weave yet the fibers are heavy duty and coarse. The fibers have a grit to them that allows these cloths to really deep clean and remove masks with ease.

I received a Votary Cotton Face Cloth with a cleansing oil. It was instant love. This is hands down the best cotton flannel I have ever tried. It’s large enough to fit your whole face in it, soft enough to be gentle & it removes your cleansing oil, makeup and dirt from the day with ease. Caroline Hirons was right once again when she said this was her favorite. It’s top notch quality. I suggest buying the pack of five for $40 as you’ll want one for every day. They are worth the splurge in every aspect. These are my favorite to remove cleansing oils. If I could only have one flannel this would be it—a hero product for me.

Lastly I decided to try the Jordan Samuel Skin cloths. These duo sided cloths have a super soft microfiber feel. They are by far the softest of the bunch. It’s like rubbing your face with a cushy comforting blanket. While they are super soft, these soak up a lot of water and don’t seem to really give me that deeper clean I’m looking for. They didn’t clean as well as I liked. I tend to not really reach for these that much. They’re not available anymore on the website so I’m not sure where they went to? I could see these being used as a soft cloth to dry buff your face with an oil or remove a tissue of mask or something similar.

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  1. I really like cleansing cloths because i’m a fan of manual exfoliation! I keep a pile of the Eve Loms on hand and also love them for removing masks. Have you also tried silk ones? They get a little rough in texture when wet. I had tried a microfiber one once and was duped by the softness of the texture and literally rubbed my skin raw before realizing it! Never again!

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