Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Blonde Mink Cheek Creme & Fired Crystal Lipgloss: Review & Swatches

I only grabbed two items from the new Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham launch this fall. The packaging was again on point and gorgeous. There were so many re-promotes and I didn’t need to replenish any items from the previous launches. The lipsticks looked nice but the shades weren’t for me and I still have a hard time spending $50 on an Estee Lauder lipstick no matter who’s name is on it.

The Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink is the star of this new collection. This lightweight creme blush creates a dewy, flushed look for cheeks. You can also touch it onto the center of your bare lips for a natural-looking highlight, or over lipstick. This blush is part of the Miami look.

“This Blonde Mink shade looks great on every skin tone and creates a beautiful, sun-kissed flush on cheeks. I also tap it onto the center of my lips to highlight and make them look fuller.” —Victoria Beckham

Packaged in a weighty black pebble textured faux leather case with heavy gold trim this cheek creme is stunning. Described as a nude rose or universal nude this warm medium rosy nude will work for a majority of skin tones. It is a great cheek color. It has enough depth to show up on my medium skin tone, yet it can be layered or sheered out for heavier and lighter looks. It’s a perfect nude lip color as well. The compact is very portable for touch ups.

The formula is creamy and lightweight. I was afraid when I first touched this as I thought it would be one of those glossier style cheek creams that would be sticky and never dry down. It pleasantly surprised me. While this feels lightweight, moist and sticky at first–it’s buildable texture blends easily and does set a touch to be less sticky. It remains creamy all day so it’s not a cream to powder blush. This actually ends up lasting the majority of the day for me. It’s a cream blush so yes it will wear off quicker than a powder.

This has a pretty good amount of pigment as well so it should make many happy in that aspect. The compact is tiny see the size of the blush compared to a penny. I would be OK with that normally except that this compact retails for $60 which is a little pricey. You’re definitely paying for the name and packaging.

I would love if Estee Lauder started to make these compacts refillable. This blush and the Morning Aura Illuminating Cream are my two picks overall from this collaboration so far. See my reviews on the original collection: Morning Aura Illuminating Cream, Bitter Clove, Modern Mercury, Nude Spice, Brazilian Nude.

The lipgloss in Fire Crystal is described as a Multi-pearl shimmer makes this clear gloss sparkle like glittering city lights. Wear it alone for a water-shine effect or over Victoria Lip Pencil and Lipstick to enhance a nude lip. This lipgloss is limited edition. It comes with the same black scalloped metal end as the lipsticks. It is very much like it says–a clear gloss with multi colored sparkle. The shimmer is extremely fine and not gritty at all. It’s part of the New York look.

This has a very faint vanilla scent. What I love about this gloss is the moisturizing plush texture. It’s almost bouncy and jelly like, yet it’s hydrating and not sticky at all. It’s a little pricey for an ultimately clear gloss at $36. I would have liked this more if it was a colored gloss or the shimmer at least showed up more. The shimmer barely shows up this really is mostly clear on the lips.

“I find Fired Crystal incredibly versatile and love the effect of the shimmering pearls, which create an incredible shine.” —Victoria Beckham

Top to Bottom–Fire Crystal Heavy than Light, Blonde Mink Heavy than Light:

Top to Bottom–Daniel Sandler Watercolor Blush Glamour, Glossier Cloud Paint Dusk, Kjaer Weis Desired Glow, EL x VB Blonde Mink Heavy than Light:

You can see the size of the Blonde Mink Cheek Creme next to a penny, it’s not a huge compact.

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