FOREO Luna Mini vs Clarisonic Mia 2

About three years ago the Clarisonic Mia 2 saved my skin. I have always had clear skin and barely got blemishes. I used to just take my makeup off, if I did at all, with a Yes to Carrots Cucumber wipe. At 33 I started to get acne. Cystic, painful acne. So this began my skincare journey into a new era focused on acne care. I stumbled across Renee Rouleau skincare. I started using a salicylic acid face wash with a Clarisonic and Renee Rouleau BHA Clarifying Serum, Skin Correcting Serum with beta glucan for skin immunity building, as well as Renee’s Anti Cyst Treatment which was amazing for acne spot treatments.

I started with a sensitive brush head, then moved to a normal brush head. I did break out like crazy for the first 4-5 weeks after starting the Clarisonic, but it did go away eventually. It takes a long time but don’t give up. It didn’t abruptly stop, but it tapered off right around 5 weeks. I used the Clarisonic only at night, once a day, with the Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel. The Clarisonic can feel harsh. It does work well but requires buying expensive replacement brush heads once every three months. I had combo to occasionally oily skin at this time and once a day was good for me, twice I felt was too much.

Now almost three years later, I went off the birth control I was taking and my skin dried out more. It is now combo to normal with actually some dry days. The Clarisonic started to feel like it was too much even with a sensitive head. So the FOREO Luna came out and I splurged on the LUNA mini. It’s silicone and doesn’t need replacement heads. So that’s a bonus. There is a FOREO brand silicone cleaner spray I got off Dermstore to clean it. I haven’t seen the cleaner spray on Sephora or anything yet. But, it’s out there. It was $9. The Luna mini has a vibrating timer just like my Mia 2 so you can time out cleaning the areas of your face with ease. It’s definitely much more gentle than the Clarisonic. It has a deeper clean section on the back, I honestly don’t notice that much difference between the front and back of the Luna mini. 

I now use the Clarisonic once a week and the Luna mini probably every other night or day sometimes in the shower. I don’t think the Luna mini is enough for oily blemish prone skin, but for combo to normal and even dry skin it’s good for a gentle exfoliation and pore cleaning. Stick to the Clarisonic for deep cleaning or acne if your skin tolerates it. Another plus for the Clarisonic is the waterproof no charge plug in design. The Luna mini has a open charge plug in on the back which is supposed to be waterproof. However, it’s impossible to use it without getting water in that hole and it makes you wonder how waterproof it is. The Clarisonic when new needs an overnight charge about once a month, with time it gets shorter and that period and gets closer to three weeks. The Luna mini has a long battery life and lasts about 300 charges I believe. I haven’t charged it once past the initial charge in two months so far. So each has its pluses and minuses.

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