Fresh Skincare Review

Fresh was one of my beginning skin care brands for more natural skin care. I already talked about their Sugar lip balm in a previous post. This one is more for masks and one serum. This Rose Hydrating Gel Cream is my second bottle of it and it’s almost gone. I used this as a moisturizing serum. It wasn’t enough for a moisturizer alone, but under one was nice. The serum has nice stuff in it like jojoba seed oil, sea water, rose flower water, aloe extract, cucumber extract, sodium hyaluronate and some other ingredients. I stopped using this as I got other serums with more beneficial ingredients or in a combination with my more powerful serums. I won’t be re purchasing this one for a third time. But it’s nice if your looking for a hydrating serum with mostly hydrating properties.

The Creme Ancienne Honey Mask is the newest Fresh mask I have tried. It’s a thick gel cream that’s moisturizing to some degree, it has a few tiny granules from the honey. I use it in the shower maybe once a week. It’s ridiculously expensive but lasts long enough. It smells great. It doesn’t have an OMG this is worth $130 effect, it’s more calming, moisturizing, nourishing as a mask. I’ve only used a third of a jar and doubt I’ll buy it again. I found this Antipodes Aura manuka honey mask off of a UK site called Naturisimo for less than $30 shipped to me and it’s so similar I’ll take the cheaper one. This is the open jar on the left.

Sugar Face Polish is my number one longest face mask that I’ve used for about ten years. It has brown sugar, strawberries and other fun stuff. It has a thick texture with granules of brown sugar. It has plum, grape seed, macadamia and strawberry seed oils in it. This is a moisturizing mask from the sugar and oils. I use this in the shower as well. The granules dissolve in the shower after about ten minutes, then I rinse off. This is not a really exfoliating polish it’s more a moisturizing mask for me. This is the open jar on the top.

The Black Tea Mask has a cooling effect with an odd thick gel like texture. It has this weird matte appearance it’s not shiny in the jar. I find it to be almost too much on the cooling effect for me, it can be a bit irritating. It has a menthol derivative which is where the cooling effect comes from. Without that it would be great. I’m just not a fan of menthol in my skincare. It has great ingredients besides that one. This is the open jar on the bottom.

The Rose Face Mask is supposed to be a calming mask with rose petals, cucumber, algae and green tea. For whatever reason it’s not as calming as I like. It tends to burn around my nose for the first five minutes. I’m not sure what the bothersome ingredient is besides a preservative or the rose flower water might have alcohol in it maybe? It has a gel texture with real rose petals in it. I will not be re purchasing this as I think I will get the ilike organics rose petal gel mask next time to try. Plus I have other more calming masks in my arsenal when this is not really so calming. This is the open jar on the right.

The Sugar Face Polish is by far my number one favorite item they make and I will re purchase it over and over again. They all come in nice white heavy ceramic jars, and I have dropped them before and so far I haven’t chipped or broken one. Though I could see that happening if you dropped it with enough impact.

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