Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick

The new Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick had me with it’s sleek silver packaging. I knew I had to grab a few. I didn’t think I would end up loving them as much as I do. Details per Hourglass:

An instant flash of light to the skin in 5 brilliant shades for unparalleled glow. These mesmerizing highlighters share the same innovative, weightless texture of Vanish™ to give you the most seamless, lustrous highlight to the skin. Instant payoff, effortless blendability and longwearing luster all in a sleek, portable stick for an instant flash of light anytime, anywhere.

Features & Benefits

• Soft-focus technology creates a flash of light on the skin for a virtually perfect highlight.
• Longwearing, innovative formula adjusts to your body temperature to effortlessly blend into the skin.
• Formulated with hollow microspheres for the most weightless feel on the skin
• Formed in a unique triangular bullet for precision application.
• Multiple shades can be layered to create custom shades and looks.
• Designed to work synergistically with the Vanish™ Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

Application Tips

Apply Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick to the high points of the cheeks, brow bone, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow. Blend out edges with fingertips.

• Highlight tops of cheekbones, inner corners of eyes, cupid’s bow and browbone
• Apply on eyelids as a base of glow, or alone for lustrous color
• Pat onto lips for a metallic finish on top of lipstick, or alone for a wash of sheen

THE UNDERGLOW – for a subtle, all-over glow
1. Dot Vanish Flash all over face
2. Dot Vanish™ Foundation all over face
3. Blend together with Vanish™ Foundation Brush

THE OVERGLOW – for an intense highlight
1. Apply Vanish™ Foundation to face and blend with Vanish™ Foundation Brush
2. Apply Vanish Flash to high points of the face – tops of cheekbones, inner corners, cupid’s bow
3. Blend out edges with fingertips

I grabbed three shades-Pink, Champagne & Rose Gold Flash. These are housed in the same size triangle shaped packaging as the Vanish Foundation. I love that these have a chrome silver case. It’s very graphic and stylish.

The formula has the perfect creamy, smooth yet thin texture. It’s not too greasy and emollient, nor too dry and hard. These are moist enough to not skip across the skin or be abrasive like some dry ones can be. They’re also dry enough to have some longevity to them. I get eight hours of wear out of these easy. I find NARS Multiples and the FENTY Beauty cream highlighter too dry for me. These Hourglass ones are perfect because they’re the right amount of creamy in texture.

These apply beautifully as they just glide across the skin. They alsolayer and blend out well. You can get a light shimmer and glow or go heavier for more intensity. Even when you really pack this on it doesn’t turn too frosty or blingy for me. Which I love. There’s no glitter or chunky shimmer. These have a very refined shimmer. I really enjoy this formula, it’s pleasant to use and just the perfect texture cream highlighter.

Pink Flash is a shimmering light pink. You could call it an opal pink but it doesn’t have that light or white base a lot of opal pinks have. It’s just that pure light pink.

This will be great for light to medium skin tones. I love that it’s not too red or holographic pink. It’s just pink. Some of those new pinks are too red in tone or bright which makes them harder to wear and look natural. This one is a very natural light pink opal shade. It’s my favorite of the three.

Rose Gold Flash is a shimmering cool rose gold. This has no yellow gold or copper tone to it like a lot of rose golds. It’s almost more of a cool rose.

This looks good on the more light medium to deeper skin tones. It would be too deep as a highlighter for the really pale skin tones.

Champagne Flash is a shimmering pale cool toned champagne. I love that it’s not too yellow gold in tone like some champagnes.

It’s a pretty standard champagne. This is great for the paler skin tones. It’s almost a touch too pale for my light medium to medium skin tone. It works I just don’t like really pale.

I wouldn’t call these shades unique or remarkable in any fashion. They’re pretty basic highlighter shades. What makes them stand out is the fun graphic packaging and the stellar creamy formula. It’s smooth, pigmented and has longevity. If you love creamy highlighters these are worth checking out.


Top to Bottom–Rose Gold, Pink, Champagne:

Top to Bottom–Natasha Denona Light, Hourglass Rose Gold, Pink, Champagne Flash, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand:

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