Hydration: Perricone Hyalo Plasma & Dr Dennis Gross Hydration Booster

It’s nice to have hydration extras beyond a heavy cream or oil. With the advances in hyaluronic acid there are many new choices now. I started with the Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Hydration Booster this summer. It’s a light liquid gel that absorbs quickly and can be layered under a cream for non greasy daytime hydration. It retails for $36 for 0.5 oz. The main ingredients are: hyaluronic chronospheres which provide time-released hydration, watermelon extract which helps to fight free radical damage, and centella asiatica which provides antiaging and healing benefits and supports natural collagen. It also has cucumber extract, ceramides, hydrolyzed collagen, glycolic and lactic acid, coconut fruit juice, soybean extract and Retinol. The Retinol is not my favorite but it’s far down in the list of ingredients and most likely small enough in amount to not be a worry for anyone avoiding it. I would prefer to see this without Retinol and I missed that on the ingredient list when I bought it. I use this by either adding it to a serum for an extra boost or layering it with my other serums under a moisturizer.

Perricone recently came out with a new product the Hyalo Plasma. From Sephora: Hyalo—the name derived from the medical prefix meaning “resembling glass”—harnesses the forms of hyaluronic, each holding a different molecular weight to target various skin functions. This unique formula addresses aging skin dehydration by nourishing collagen responsible for firmness for youthful-looking muscle convexity, addressing hydration needs, and superbly preparing skin for makeup application with its oil-free hybrid cream/serum formulation. Recommended for all ages and skin types, this multitasking treatment works to re-establish the look of youthful muscle convexity, plumpness, and suppleness. It’s ridiculously expensive at $135 for 1 oz. The main ingredients are: barrier hyaluronic acid which imparts a smooth, translucent glass-like surface, crosslinked hyaluronic acid which creates a hydrating reservoir to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, micro hyaluronic acid which infuses skin with the appearance of youthful convexity and suppleness.

The texture is like a gel cream. It absorbs quickly. I wanted to hate it because of the price, but I love it. It’s fabulous for a moisture boost if that’s all you’re looking for. It’s not a miracle anti-ager by any means, it’s just unique and nice for a moisture boost. I have been using this at night after my Tria laser treatments. I did buy mine off of eBay for about $70 which made this more worth it to me. I usually will cruise eBay for stuff when it’s newly released as I know it hasn’t been sitting around the sellers stash for long. I’ve noticed Perricone tends to send pre-launch testers to lots of people who probably sell them.

Top is the Dr Dennis Gross, bottom Perricone:

I feel like the Dr Dennis Gross is great for summer or mixing into a serum or moisturizer, like an oil, and it would be great for oily skin. The Perricone is great for winter or anyone who needs more moisture than the Dr Dennis Gross. I would pick the Perricone if I could only have one as it’s superior in moisture.

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