ilike organic skin care or Ilcsi: Review

I was browsing Cultbeauty one day and came across Ilcsi Organic skin care. They had a few items. Ilcsi comes from Hungary. I started with their sour cherry mask. I then learned after I loved it that in the US they call themselves ilike organic skin care. There’s also a long story that involves Ilcsi using Eminence Organics to deliver their products in the US initially, then there was a falling out and they separated. Now you have Ilcsi in Europe, ilike in the US, and Eminence in the US.

Ilcsi in Europe has glass jars with a different shape than the US plastics jars. Some of the products have the same name in the US and Europe, some have different names but are the same product. Europe also has products that we don’t get in the US. I find Dermstore to be the best place to buy ilike organics. I have since added the grape stem cell gel mask, time erase gel mask, pumpkin & orange mask as well as Hungarian paprika gel treatment to my mask collection.

The sour cherry mask is a gel texture that is moisturizing(there are small bits of real cherries in the mask), this is the open jar on the far right. The grape stem cell mask is a gel texture and is for anti aging, this is the open jar second from the left. The Time Erase mask is a gel texture hyaluronic acid moisturizing mask, this is the open jar in the middle that’s green.

The pumpkin and orange mask is not a gel mask texture, it’s thicker gel base that has small chunks of real pumpkin in it, as if you ground part of one and put it in it. This is the only pumpkin mask I have found that doesn’t add spice like cinnamon, nutmeg or clove. Some pumpkin masks have these added spices to make it smell like a holiday pie, but they are really irritating and the two I have tried from MyChelle and Michael Todd Organics burn terribly and I washed them off promptly in less than one minute after applying and never touched them again. The spices have no purpose besides scent so I don’t see the need for them. Pumpkin is supposed to have a slight exfoliating effect when it contains the enzymes. Combined with the orange fruit it has antioxidants as well. It feels odd in texture, if you can get past that, and does not stain my face orange after washing off. This is the open jar second from the right that’s orange. 
The Hungarian paprika gel mask is a gel texture catalyst mask. It is meant to speed up the underlying masks benefits, you add it over your base mask or can mix it in then apply both at the same time. It is intense. Use a small amount and test it first. It will make you face red for at least an hour after. It also dilates your blood vessels which is what’s supposed to help increase your base masks benefits. It doesn’t burn in essence, but it’s an intense hot feeling. This is a great time to use a cooling, calming mask after using this one. This is the open jar on the left. It can be used with a fruit peel to help the peel, and I’ve tried it with the pumpkin mask as well.

Too bad they don’t have a following as their stuff is natural and great. Check them out on Dermstore if you like natural products. They also have serums, toners and creams in addition to masks.

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