In Shower Moisturizer Comparison: Jergens and Nivea

Who doesn’t love skipping a step in the morning to get ready faster? I saw these newer in shower moisturizers and decided to try a couple. I started with Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Coconut Oil.

Per Jergens: “The beach is closer than ever with the refreshing scent of coconut oil. JERGENS® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer contains a breakthrough new formula that blends with water when your skin is most receptive to moisture (right after bathing, when your pores are open). Simply rub in and pat dry. Soak in the coconut oil formula, bask in its moisture and get out the door.”

1. APPLY: Apply after showering, but before drying off. For best results, use a dime-size amount on each arm and a quarter-size amount on each leg.
2. DRY & GO: No need to rinse off. Simply pat dry and you are ready to go with instantly luminous skin.

Next I tried Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter. Per Nivea: “NIVEA In-Shower Cocoa Butter Body Lotion is specially formulated to intensely nourish normal to dry skin. When applied in the shower, the result is irresistibly soft skin, which is left feeling indulged without any stickiness so you can dress immediately with 24 hour moisturization. The patent pending formula absorbs into wet skin in seconds and provides 24hr+ of moisturization.”


  1. Use your normal shower product and rinse off.
  2. Apply In-Shower Body Lotion on wet skin while still in shower. Avoid applying to bottom of feet.
  3. Rinse body. Thoroughly clean tub/shower with hot water after usage to remove residue and avoid slipping.
  4. Dry yourself, get dressed and go.

L Jergens, R Nivea:

The biggest difference is the Jergens is an after shower lotion, Nivea is a rinse off in shower lotion. Because you apply the Jergens while wet but don’t rinse it off, it’s a thinner texture. The Nivea is really thick and greasier, which makes sense as you wash it off in the shower. Both leave a light lotion behind, neither is super moisturizing. 
I find the Jergens the lightest texture wise but it’s main con is you’re cold in the shower with the water off rubbing it in while wet. The Nivea is used in the shower so you’re never cold, but it’s greasy. It leaves a film on your hands that you have to wash off before you touch your hair or you’ll get your hair greasy. 
Of the two I prefer the Nivea. I don’t like being cold in the morning, it was easier to use and a touch more moisturizing. Both are cheap at about $6-8 depending on where you buy it at. If you want to save a step in the morning give one a try.

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