Koyudo BP017 Blush Brush: Review & Comparison

I love Japanese brand Koyudo brushes. I’ve talked about them multiple times before. Their BP High Class Series is their top end of brushes. I already have a Koyudo red squirrel cheek brush but decided to grab this BP017 Blush Brush as well.

The retail is 7200 yen which at current exchange rate is about $71. I bought it when the exchange rate was better and is was maybe around $60. Per CD Japan:

Welcome to a world of luxury. We hope you enjoy these brush, made by skilled artisans all the way from the material selection process to the actual finishing touches. These brush will help you achieve the make-up you desire. Since these are a high class items, bring out a level of comfort which will surely satisfy you. Its simple and thick design makes it easy to use for everyone, and we have devoted special attention to the fine quality of the brush’s tip, which makes it especially enjoyable.

Pine squirrel hair is soft bristle yet firm enough to control the amount of powder blush, highlighter easily. Since it is fluffy, you can apply a sheer layer. Perfect for a light layer of face powder as well.

Full / Hair length: Full 162mm (6.38in.) Hair 37mm (1.45in.)
Shape: Round Flat
Hair: Pine Squirrel
Usage: Blush, Highlighting, Powder
Softness (degree 1-10): 6

The BP017 is made with pine squirrel hair so while it’s softer than goat it’s not as soft as red or gray squirrel. Pine squirrel does pick up more product than red or gray squirrel as well. The BP017 is a flat paddle shaped brush. It’s really soft and pretty floppy. It’s not densely packed. It’s more dense than the Koyudo red squirrel brush, yet less dense than the Chikuhodo Z-8. You will get the strongest application with the Chikuhodo Z-8, with the BP017 giving a medium application. The Koyudo red squirrel cheek brush gives the lightest application of color. All of these squirrel brushes are for powder products not creams or liquids.

I find this one to be nice, it’s different than other blush brushes I have. I don’t reach for it as often as I should. It’s super soft and does surprisingly well at laying down a decent amount of product. I think I just tend to prefer a round shaped blush brush versus flat. I like to buff my blush in versus stroke it on. It’s nice but not a must have for me. Now this brush in a round shape I would love to see. I Talked about my blush brushes here and here.

L to R: Koyudo BP017 Blush Brush, Koyudo Red Squirrel Blush Brush, Chikuhodo Z-8:

Top to Bottom for Size Comparison: Chikuhodo Z-8, Koyudo Red Squirrel Blush Brush, Koyudo BP017 Blush Brush:

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