Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Palette & Ultra Strobe Stick: Review & Swatches

I have talked about Makeup Revolution a few times in the past and even the Ultra Strobe Balm here. Makeup Revolution now has an Ultra Strobe Balm Palette with 6 new shades. Details per Ulta:

Only at ULTA!

Precise targeted strobing in one convenient palette! Get an all year round glow with these 8 shades of strobe balms in the Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm Palette. These illuminating balms provide a natural looking highlight to sculpt the face and add depth.

I love this creamy formula. The texture isn’t too hard, yet it’s not too emollient and greasy that it wears off quickly. It’s in-between. That perfect level of not too greasy nor too dry. It really gives just a glow to the skin, the colors aren’t that shimmery or frosty. For $15 it’s a steal. There are three basic types of highlighters in this palette. The glow shades that add that shimmery glow without being too frosty or intense. They are not heavily pigmented, but still enough to give a pretty good glow. These aren’t sheer. There are a few shades that are more shimmery, pigmented traditional style highlighters. They apply with that shimmery frosty pop more than a glow. However, not glittery. Then there’s two shades that glow but are more shimmery than the glow shades. However, they’re not that frosty look.

Starting top left is Hypnotic one of the permanent original two shades. It’s a bright yellow gold shimmery glow in a white base. The base goes on mostly clear on my skin tone. Next to it on right is Euphoria the other of the original permanent two shades. It’s a shimmery intense pink glow in that same base. To the right of that is a new shade that’s a shimmery blue glow in that same base. Last on the top right is a pale pearly champagne shade. This is more shimmery, intense and pigmented than the other top three shades. It’s more of a traditional shimmery pale champagne highlighter.

Starting on the bottom left is a shimmery medium neutral rose shade. This is the more intense, shimmery pigmented style as well. Next to the right is a shimmery purple pink glow. This one’s a pretty intense glow, but in that same white to clear base. Next to the right is a shimmery green. This one is a pretty green glow, but it’s a touch less of that intense glow and a bit more shimmery. Still less shimmery than the other shades in the palette that are like more traditional highlighters. This and Hypnotic are the same. Last on the bottom right is a shimmery cool light medium pink. This is another of the more traditional, shimmery pigmented highlighter shades.


They also released a few new Ultra Strobe Sticks. Same Ultra Strobe formula in a stick-which I love more than the palettes. I wish they all came in this form so I could only buy the shades I wanted. I grabbed Euphoria to replace my compact and the new one in Peach Lightening which is a shimmery cool frosty icy peach. These are $9 each.

Ultra Strobe Balm Palette Top to Bottom starting Top L to R, then Bottom L to R:

Comparisons with a few others. Top to Bottom(All Makeup Revolution): Palette Top 2nd Left, Euphoria Stick, Peach Lightening Stick, Palette Bottom Far Left, Palette Bottom Far Right:

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