Miscellaneous Brushes: Hakuhodo J5521 & Wayne Goss #14: Review &Comparison

I feel like I’ve written about so many brushes so far, but there’s still more to go over. This post has some of my random brushes that don’t fit into the other categories I’ve done(eye, cheek, foundation, powder). I use these two quite a bit, pretty much daily.

On the left Hakuhodo J5521 Tapered Highligher Brush, on the right Wayne Goss #14:

Top View:

The Wayne Goss #14 is a tapered very fluffy longer round brush. It’s not dense at all. I use it to sweep fallen eyeshadow from under my eyes. It works great for that. It could be used for a very light highlighter application or possibly blush. It won’t pick up any really hard powders it’s definitely better with loose or very soft powders. You could use it to dust loose powder under your eyes to set concealer as well.

It’s super soft like the rest of Wayne Goss’s brushes and I assume it’s goat hair. Per Beautylish: “In applying and blending powders (bronzer, blush, highlighter), it won’t ever move foundation or any other makeup. Similar to Brush 11, but sized smaller for more detailed work along the cheekbones and around the eyes.” It retails for $33. 

Wayne Goss #14:

The Hakuhodo J5521 is a tapered highlighter brush made of white goat. It retails for $38. This is the best highlighter brush. It’s super soft like all the Hakuhodo brushes. It’s a medium density, enough to pick up product but floppy enough to not apply too much product at once. You can layer well with it. The tapered tip allows me to precisely apply highlighter on the cheekbones without getting it all over.

Hakuhodo J5521:

Compared for size with Top to Bottom: Suqqu Cheek, Hakuhodo J5521, Wayne Goss #14, Chikuhodo Z-4:

L to R: Hakuhodo J5521, Wayne Goss #14, Suqqu Cheek:

Top View of Brushes Above(You can see both are smaller than a small cheek brush):

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