Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Singles: Review & Swatches

After a venture into Natasha Denona’s highlighters I felt compelled to pick out some eyeshadows. I know everyone is getting the large palette’s but I ended up with a few singles. The 5 pan palette’s all had only one shade I would use out of each one, so it would have not been cost effective for me to buy 5 palette’s. The 28 pan green brown palette, while tempting, had way too many shades I would never ever use. I’m not really into greens. And even though the palette’s are a much better deal for the eyeshadows than the singles, it still cost me less to grab a few singles than buy the large palette and two singles to get all the shades I wanted. Now a 14 pan neutral/brown palette I would have gone for.

So I grabbed L to R: Glaze, Skin, Satin Skin, Golden Flesh, Satin Tan, Smoky Quartz:

So each single from the Metallic Family is $27 for a 2.5g compact. This is actually quite a markup considering in a palette they’re about $8.54 a piece. It’s 3x the cost to buy them individually, which usually is not the case with most companies, you might pay for packaging a bit more for a single, maybe add 50% of the cost of a single pan etc. I could see them being around $15 or so and $27 is quite ridiculous in comparison. I only bought the singles because the few I knew I wanted was still less than $239 for a palette where I would use 20% of the shades and have this big clunky palette lying around.

Onto the packaging of the singles, it’s flimsy, lightweight, cheap clear plastic. I laughed when I saw it, considering the 3x markup of a single, the packaging you’re paying for doesn’t make up for it. It’s cheap. Like drugstore cheap. I will be depotting these anyway for my palette so I could care less yet can’t fathom why I’m paying 3x the cost for such a cheap package. Natasha Denona should really think about that one with the singles. At least put them in something like the highlighter or blush cases if you’re charging $27, at least those look decent and not really cheap.

Now onto the eyeshadows themselves. The price and packaging of the singles is the only down side to the eyeshadows, the formula is great. Though on her website they’re all under the Metallic Category I have three types of formulas: Pearly, Shimmer and Metallic.

Glaze & Golden Flesh are the Metallics. They’re both smooth, buttery, highly pigmented and metallic, Glaze has a bit more of a metallic mirror like feel. Golden Flesh is a touch smoother feeling than Glaze so there is a tad variation among the Metallic range. Glaze is a lighter metallic silvered taupe, it pulls pretty cool on me. Glaze feels a touch thicker and more pigmented than Golden Flesh, yet I prefer the texture of Golden Flesh it’s smoother. Golden Flesh is a light warmer metallic bronze. It pulls warmer and lighter on application than in the pan.

Skin is a Shimmer finish. I read on other blogs that the Shimmer is supposed to be a ‘baby metallic’, toned down ultimately. Honestly it’s really close to the Pearly finish, there’s not that much difference I can see. It’s a tad more metallic. It could just be the one shade Skin I have, other Shimmer shades may be more noticeably metallic than Pearly shades. This is also buttery, smooth, pigmented and a fabulous formula. Skin is a shimmery warm coppery pink nude. It’s not a full on orange copper it’s more of a pinky copper.

The last three I have are the Pearly finish. They are also all smooth, buttery and very pigmented. Satin Skin is a shimmery neutral light to medium brown. It has a hint of almost pink to it, but you see it when swatched more. It’s a more neutral, toned down, brown version of Skin. Satin Tan is a shimmery medium neutral brown. Smoky Quartz is a shimmery medium to deep cooler brown with some grey.

They’re all smooth, buttery, pigmented and great eyeshadows. Glaze is my least favorite of the bunch, it’s a touch stiffer in the pan and too cool and metallic for me. Overall, it’s a fabulous formula despite the exorbitant cost of the singles. This post was long so I didn’t do comparison photos, I’ll shoot for that coming up.

Each is pictured inside then outside in sunlight. Glaze:


Satin Skin:

Golden Flesh:

Satin Tan:

Smoky Quartz:

Swatches Top to Bottom: Glaze, Skin, Satin Skin, Golden Flesh, Satin Tan, Smoky Quartz:

Partial Sunlight:


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