Natasha Denona Face Glow Cream Shimmer 01 Light: Review & Swatches

I posted recently about Natasha Denona’s Powder All Over Glow. I have also been testing the Face Glow Cream Shimmer in the shade Light #01. Per Beautylish’s website: “The Face Glow Cream Shimmer is the basic product for highlighting and glamming up the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and lips, for a healthy glowing red-carpet look. This cream shimmer in stick form is perfect for a fresh and glowing look. Its iridescent composition becomes homogenous with the natural texture of the skin, without cakeyness occurring and is suitable for all skin types.” The retail is $42 for a 21g tube.

The color is a shimmery rosy beige champagne. This isn’t a gold champagne, it’s got a good beige tint to it plus it has a rosiness that the powder doesn’t have. It’s much like an enhanced skin shade if you’re in the light to medium skintone range. The shimmer is very fine and more pearlized. It’s not glittery or frosty at all. It gives a more subtle highlight than the powder does. Overall, it’s a very natural, complex shimmer cream highlight. I really love the color and shimmer. It works perfect for me and I have a light to medium NC 25 skintone.

The texture is very nice. It’s not greasy or oily, dry, too waxy and it also doesn’t have a really heavy silicone feel. It glides on well. It doesn’t dry down so it will stay moist, but it’s not really glossy. It lasts pretty average for a product in this range, maybe 4-6 hours. Depends how much I touch my face. It looks nice layered with the powder. Alone it gives a dewy very natural highlight. This has a faint scent, it’s not powdery nor really fruity, it’s almost sweet like faint almond oil. It’s not really noticeable unless you get close to smell it. The tube is a white plastic twist up with a clear cap. The cap locks on pretty tight and overall it’s a sturdy feeling tube. 

Compared to Becca’s Opal Poured this is less bronze & peachy, it’s lighter and rosier. Natasha’s is a bit more luminous feeling and it’s lighter on the skin. I included the RMS Living Luminizer as it’s the only other cream highlight I have. Color wise it’s white only, so not similar at all, it also gives a more wet & glossy look because it’s more emollient than Natasha’s. This is darker, more beige and rosier than the powder version in Light.

I used to like Becca’s Opal Poured Highlighter for this kind of natural dewy look, but now I like Natasha’s more. The color feels more complex and natural. This is actually my favorite highlighter purchase in the last few years by far. If I had to only pick two highlighters they would be MAC Lightscapade as my powder and this would be my cream product.


Swatches(Heavy on Top, Sheered Out on Bottom):

Compared with L to R: Becca Opal Poured, Natasha Denona Face Glow Light, RMS Living Luminizer:

Swatches Top to Bottom: RMS Living Luminizer, Natasha Denona Face Glow Light, Becca Opal Poured:

Sheered Out Same Order as Above:

I’m adding a comparison swatch of the cream versus powder in shade Light. This top photo is inside, and while it’s not great, you can see the powder on top is lighter, while the cream has a more rosy hue. The powder is more intense, the cream is sheerer. The powder looks lighter from being more intense, the cream is sheerer and the rosy hue makes it appear a tad darker and more natural of a highlight on my skin. They are very similar when applied sheerly(not heavily swatched), it’s really subtle differences and what formula you prefer better for your skin type.


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