New Brushes-Wayne Goss 18, 20 & SUQQU L, M: Review & Comparison

About three to four years ago I revamped all my makeup brushes. Meaning out with the old, in with the new. I discovered a love of Japanese made brushes. Their quality is above all others and there’s nothing really comparable. While my collection is fairly well rounded and complete, I still find the need to add a few brushes now and then to the mix. I recently grabbed two new SUQQU brushes as well as two of the new revamped Wayne Goss brushes.

I grabbed SUQQU eye brush M and L, which is their large and medium eye brushes respectively. SUQQU brushes are shorter handled so they are easy to use. They’re made of blue squirrel hair which is very soft. This type of brush is for powder eyeshadow only, no creams or liquids. It’s a gentle hair. This type of brush is good for softer textured and highly pigmented powder eyeshadows. It’s going to give a very light application of color. You’re going to have a hard time picking up a stiffer or hard textured powder eyeshadow with these type of brushes. They’re really good for that wispy style of application.

I’ve been reaching for both of these quite a bit. The SUQQU L brush is perfect for a laydown on the lid or adding a hint of light color on the lid in the center. It good for layering. It’s a large flat paddle shaped brush. The SUQQU M brush is a multi-purpose brush. It’s a medium sized round brush. I use it under the eye, in the crease, ‘outer v’ and browbone. It gives a light hint of color with more control than the L brush. These are very light density brushes compared to a stiffer goat haired brush.

I like both equally and wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite from just these two. I use these two almost everyday they’re up there in the favorite brush rotation with my Koyudo brushes. I got mine from Selfridges online before they stopped carrying SUQQU brushes online, they’re in store only now. Why I don’t know as they are one of SUQQU’s best selling items beyond the eye and cheek powders. You can find them in the states from Harrods online.

I have many Wayne Goss face brushes in my arsenal. They used to be made of a dyed brown goat but have been revamped recently to be softer and all white hair. They’re still goat hair, just softer and white. Goat hair is good for powder, cream and liquids. It’s the most versatile and well loved in my brush collection. Goat hair is not always soft. You get what you pay for. Wayne Goss is one of the best goat haired brushes as they are made in Japan. MAC goat brushes are scratchy and not soft like Wayne Goss.

Goat hair brushes are better for a heavier application of powder or for a stiffer drier textured eyeshadow. They’re stiffer than blue squirrel hair and can pick up powder more easily. They are great for blending brushes as well because they’re not as delicate. The Wayne Goss 18 is a fluffy medium sized blending brush. Good for blending, lid laydown and application. The Wayne Goss 20 brush is a medium fluffy crease brush. I use the brush 18 all the time. I’m not a big crease brush user. I felt like I should just have one in my collection but I don’t really use it. The Wayne Goss brushes are one of the best in the industry for their soft and versatile goat haired brushes. You can find them on Beautylish.

Left to Right–SUQQU M, L, Wayne Goss 18, 20:

Left SUQQU L, Hakuhodo J5523:

Left to Right–Wayne Goss 18, Hakuhodo J5523, Chikuhodo T7:

Left Wayne Goss 20, Right Hakuhodo J146:

Left SUQQU M, Right Chikuhodo Z10:

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