Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner Review

This would be the second bottle of this Ojon deep conditioner I have bought. Since I just threw away the first empty bottle I figured I would review it. This isn’t a new as in just launched product, but it’s fairly new from sometime in the last couple of years. All Ojon products smell heavenly. This is a thick glossy cream that’s a duo sided product. One side is yellow, the other white. The white side is a moisture rich cream infused with nourishing botanical conditioners. The yellow side is the blend of 7 oils including the Ojon, plus African Shea, Brazilian Muru Muru and Indian Kokum butters. 
This is for dry and damaged hair for sure. I will say if you don’t rinse well it leaves my hair a bit too greasy and weighed down, but if rinsed well, it makes it glossy and hydrated. I have fine, dry, chemically treated and damaged hair. So this worked for me as my hair is so dry. If you have normal fine hair this might be too much for you. Just remember to rinse well. 
This is a small 5 oz bottle which retails for $34, so it’s pricey. This is not a daily conditioning treatment, but a weekly to monthly mask. It did last a good six months for me with that kind of sporadic use. If you have dry, damaged hair, love Ojon and their heavenly scent, try it. 

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