Renee Rouleau Pro Results Power Serum: Review

Renee Rouleau was one of the first major brands where I really went through a whole product line. Perricone MD was first, Renee Rouleau was soon after. I have a special place in my heart for them as her products really helped me get over my adult acne. She recently repackaged her whole line and came out with a dozen or so new products, which meant it was time for me to play again. Next to talk about is the new Pro Results Power Serum. Details per Renee Rouleau:

Pro Results Power Serum dramatically repairs the visible effects of sun damage by lifting dry cells and brown spots to reveal a smoother, brighter texture. 

NEW! Pro Results Power Serum by Renée Rouleau transforms the skin to a dramatically smoother finish while working to help it remember its once youthful form, suppleness and bounce. This dark spot corrector is a powerful blend of 20% lactic, glycolic and mandelic acids which gently lift surface sun damage discoloration and reduces visible lines and pore size to reveal smoother skin.

*This is the new and improved replacement for AHA Smoothing Serum 20%.

Other Uses

  • Dry hands and cuticles – reveals smoother skin.
  • Sun-damaged chest – smoothes and removes dryness.
  • Under the eyes – softens lines and smoothes away dryness. Follow with eye cream.
  • Keratosis Pilaris – flattens bumps and gives a smooth appearance.
  • Ingrown bikini line hairs – use daily 7 days after waxing to prevent trapped hair follicles.

Key Ingredients

  • 9.5% Glycolic Acid (AHA) – fast-acting exfoliant to lift discoloration.
  • 9.5% Lactic Acid (AHA) – skin-comforting and hydrating exfoliant.
  • 1% Mandelic Acid (AHA) – brightening and smoothing exfoliant.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – calming and soothing anti-aging antioxidant.
  • Allantoin – soothing and hydrating properties.

How to Use

  • To effectively use Pro Results Power Serum to lift away dryness, discoloration and visible sun damage, apply 1-2 pumps to entire face after cleansing and toning. (A slight tingling sensation is normal.) Follow with a night cream recommended for your skin type. Use for three nights on, three nights off, with a Renée Rouleau hydrating skin serum on alternate nights.
  • Sunburn Alert: This product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunburn. Wear sun protection daily and discontinue use prior to spending time directly in the sun.

The texture is a clear gel liquid serum. It sinks right in. This will tingle or sting on the first few applications. This is not for the AHA shy nor sensitive. This is for the acid pro as this serum will kick your skins butt with it’s AHA it’s quite powerful. I only use 3 nights a week and never after an exfoliating mask in the same night. I even skip an acid toner before applying this serum. I’ve gotten used to it some more now where I could add back in an acid toner before if I wanted to, but still not after an AHA mask.

This has three types of AHA: glycolic, lactic and mandelic. I love the combination. It’s also got a little green tea extract and allatonin for helping soothe while majorly exfoliating. Even with three times a week I notice more radiant smooth skin. It works well. It’s a little pricey at $53.50 for a 0.5 oz pump. Well packaged in a pump, I’m always happy with an airless pump. The only other serum close to this in strength is Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, so if you like that one but want to have some glycolic acid and try something different you should try this one. It’s very good. I think this can go into my Hero Products category. But I’ll wait for that until I’m fully done with the bottle. 

Full Ingredients

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