Renee Rouleau Skincare Review

After talking about acne and the Clarisonic, I was reminded of my venture into Renee Rouleau skincare which helped me with my adult hormonal acne a few years back. I stumbled across Renee Rouleau skincare after seeing a review of their Triple Berry Smoothing Peel in a magazine. There happened to be a discount code right after that article came out which helped push me to buy it as its a $86.50 face peel. I think this brought it to around $50. The peel is a 50 mL jar and I still haven’t gone through it yet. However, I do use many other peels so I won’t go through it as fast as a person who has one peel. The goal would be once a week on this one. It’s like a fruit smoothie or crushed raspberries on your face. That’s what the texture and color remind me of. It’s on the far left on the first photo, and is the open jar on the right in the next photo. It’s a got a kick to it, but nothing really unbearable as far as a chemical exfoliant. At this point I like it, but I wouldn’t re purchase it because there’s a brand MyChelle and they have a Fruit Fiesta Peel that’s similar and about $50 less. I have also grown to love my Oskia Renaissance Mask as my main peel.

Next is the minis I have of Renee’s Pure Radiance and Bio Calm Repair Masks. The Pure Radiance is a moisturizing mask that’s good for after a peel or dry skin or a plump up effect. It has a white thick creamy texture. The Bio Calm Repair mask is a calming gel mask. Both are nice, I have tons like them so not sure if I would purchase.

The Skin Correcting Serum is a soothing serum with beta glucan. It’s supposed to help with breakouts and strengthen from within. It’s like a moisturizing light clear serum. As soon as my bottle is empty I’ll be not re purchasing just because my Paula’s Choice antioxidant serums have beta glucan plus many other beneficial ingredients for cheaper. I’ll discuss that in a later post.

The Soothing Relief Serum has algae extract and sea whip. I use it after using an exfoliating mask to help calm the skin some. This is another that after it runs out I will not re purchase. It’s a good serum, I just have similar ones for a better price.

The AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid is an exfoliant good for anti aging, fine lines and adding moisture) 10% Serum I mentioned yesterday in the Drunk Elephant post if you want to look at that. This is a serum that I would not re purchase as I will use the Drunk Elephant over the Renee Rouleau for an exfoliating serum. Paula’s Choice does have a Resist AHA 5% serum I just got a sample of, we’ll see if this could replace anything as well as its definitely cheaper.

The Total Repair Eye Cream is a newer purchase for me. My eye area was getting drier this year and I bought this to replace the Vitamin C Renee Rouleau Eye Cream I was using. This has shea butter and is very moisturizing. It’s supposed to have peptides that help with wrinkles and lines. It’s a great night eye cream. I have other day ones I use. At this point I would probably re purchase this one, but I’ve only been using it for a month.

The Anti-Cyst Treatment is a spot treatment for blemishes you apply at night for overnight help. This is my number one favorite Renee Rouleau product. I would re purchase this 1,000 times over. It saved me from acne along with witch hazel toner and BHA or salicylic acid. Use this at night on blemishes or areas that are blemish prone. I use it on my chin in the center or above/between my eyebrows both which are my breakout areas at times. Or just as a spot treatment on a blemish. I am almost done with my first bottle, which took me over a year to use. Even with acne and daily use it lasts forever!

A great light lotion for day and summertime is the Skin Recovery Lotion. This bottle lasts forever I swear. I’ve had it for two summers. Its supposed to be for sensitive skin and was good for breakouts. I just use it on my neck now as I love my Omorovicza too much right now for my face. It’s non irritating and doesn’t cause breakouts.

The last two items I have are the Elderberry Toner and Balancing Skin Tonic. Both toners are OK. I use the Elderberry in the AM, and the Balancing in the PM. The Balancing Tonic is basically witch hazel water without alcohol. I could use Thayer’s alcohol free witch hazel(they have a great cucumber infused one you can get at a health food store for $30 less) or the Su-Man gel toner I bought recently instead(which has other beneficial ingredients in addition to witch hazel). So after this one is gone I won’t re purchase. The Elderberry is moisturizing, I’ll just use my Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist or OSEA Malibu toners instead once this is gone and won’t re purchase. I would like to try their Ginseng Toner but it hasn’t been on the top of my buy list.

I have tried the BHA Clarifying Serum which was my Holy Grail salicylic acid(which is a BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid exfoliant good for clearing pores and acne) night exfoliant during my breakout years. I just don’t need that level of BHA anymore, plus it has AHA in it as well. It’s a combo exfoliant. I did find a great cheaper alternative in Paula’s Choice recently. This post is next. I have also tried Renee’s Mint Buffing Beads, Rosemary Mint Cleanser, Hawaiian Nourishing Cream, Multi Vitamin Cream, Post Break Out Fading Gel, Energizing Cleansing Mask and some other samples. Out of the above the two creams were the most notable. I loved the Hawaiian Nourishing Cream, I went through one jar as my night cream. It has Retinyl Palmitate in it and I eventually switched to Omorovicza from it. I’m trying to get away from Retinol even less potent forms like Retinyl Palmitate right now. Otherwise loved it. Didn’t break me out, was a very moisturizing thick cream. The Multi Vitamin Cream is a great light day antioxidant cream. Loved it. Again had Retinyl Palmitate in it, and for a day product that was a no no for me. See my post on lip balms to see why I am against Retinyl Palmitate in day products.

Overall I like Renee’s stuff. However, some similar products can be found cheaper elsewhere. They have a coupon code in August only for their annual sale and there was something around Christmas but in general not many sales. I will purchase the Anti-Cyst Treatment until I no longer get blemishes and it’s my number one skin care savior.

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  1. I have a question about Renee's BHA serum. When you used this did you use it 3 nights on 3 off as the directions on her website say? Or did you use it more frequently? I have this and I really like it, however I feel like I'm not seeing results as fast as I'd like to with the 3 on 3 odd regimen.

  2. Not really, maybe at first. I prob did either 3 nights on 1 off or 5 days on 2 off. I don't think I could really stick to the schedule that well. Too hard to remember is this an on or off day

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