Renee Rouleau Total Eye Repair Cream: Review

I went through a huge Renee Rouleau phase when I started getting adult acne at 33. Her line helped me immensely at the time and got me started into better looking after my skin, not sleeping in my makeup etc. Not that I was a stranger to skincare, I had used La Mer’s Lotion for a while and at the time I think I was using MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream as well as whatever sample cleansers I had gotten in gift bags. I started an AM/PM more targeted approach to my skincare with her line, then kind of branched out more over the last 5 years.

The Total Eye Repair Cream was a newer product, this either came out last year or the year before. It has a nice airless pump so the packaging is great. The retail is $61.50 for a 15ml pump. Per Renee Rouleau’s website: “Total Eye Repair Cream by Renée Rouleau moisturizes very dry skin under the eyes while softening and plumping wrinkles. Safe for sensitive eyes. Total Eye Repair Cream by Renée Rouleau is a rich and luxurious eye cream formulated with the highest concentration of wrinkle-repairing ingredients to improve and correct the appearance of dryness, fatigue and expression lines. Line-filling peptides increase healthy cell communication to return cellular activity to its youthful state. The result? Radiant and smoother skin with less visible eye wrinkles by Renée Rouleau.” 
They also list other uses for the cream: “Skin creases between eyebrows – softens and corrects expression lines and will encourage longer-lasting Botox®. Lips – keeps lips smooth and plump.” I did not try it for any of these alternative uses.

The texture is a thicker cream, no strong scent. It’s not irritating and I had no issues using it. It’s really moisturizing. Definitely good for dry and mature skin, or overnight on a normal skintype. Might not be the best for oily or potentially combo skintypes, depends on your eye cream preference as well. Your climate and the season also affects whether or not something is right for you. So keep all that in mind. In essence, it’s not greasy and absorbs fast, it’s a thicker heavier eye cream that’s really moisturizing. I tend to be normal to dry in the winter and normal to combo in the summer. I used this at night only, as here in humid Texas, during the day it was too much for me and made my eye products slip around too much. That’s true of just about anything above a light lotion for me. 
So did it work? Yes. It’s not a dark circle corrector, nor does it claim to be. This is for wrinkles/fine lines and moisture. I found it made my fine lines look better with use. They were more plumped, less visible and I had an increased moisture level while using. I would buy this again as a night eye cream. It didn’t break the bank and gave results.
Key Ingredients(the website only lists key ingredients and by the time I got around to writing this I had already tossed the bottle, shame on me, that had the ingredient list on the back. If you email Renee Rouleau they will email you a detailed ingredient list on any of their products): “Palmitoyl Oligopeptide – line-filling peptide to encourage healthy cell-to-cell communication for deep wrinkle repair. Astaxanthin – powerful antioxidant to enhance skin’s elasticity and freshness. Snap-8 – a Botox®-like peptide to prevent and correct expression lines. Licorice Extract – reduces inflammation that leads to wrinkles. Hyaluronic Spheres – instantly fills and plumps lines from within.”

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