Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector & Tom Ford Concealing Pen: Review & Swatches

Cle de Peau has been my holy grail for years but I tried to branch out a little and try a few other concealers this year. I tried Surratt which I talked about in a Surratt post.

Next I tried Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector in 103 Natural & 104 Natural Ochre. These have a brush applicator and you twist the product out. They are 3.8mL size. I wanted to try these in place of YSL Touch Eclat since they were cheaper just to see the difference. What I gathered online was that 103 was for medium skin tones with less visible dark circles and 104 was for medium skin tones with more visible dark circles. I ended up trying both because I did not read that until I had already bought 103. I have worse dark circles so then I ordered 104. These are supposed to work by adding the colors that are missing from under your eyes so they have a very peachy yellow tone to counter act the blue/purple tones. 103 has less of the peachy/yellow tones and 104 is stronger going with the idea that it’s for worse dark circles.

These blend well, are not streaky and don’t crease on me. I do prefer 104 for my worse circles. I wear it under my Cle de Peau concealer as I did the YSL Touche Eclat to help give a boost to my circles. Overall I think these can replace the YSL for me as I like the more yellow/peachy tone work similar and cheaper that still works the same or better I can do that.

So while visiting Dallas North Park Mall last month(which is fabulous and supposedly one of the 7 wonders of the shopping world I read) my hubby brought me a margarita at Neiman Marcus and by the time I was done with it I found my self impulse buying the new Tom Ford Concealing Pen in Light/Medium shade 2. Very smart of Neiman’s to have alcohol for impulse buying. It’s new and has a sponge tip applicator that you twist the product up through the middle of the sponge and are supposed to use the sponge to pat it in place. At least that what the makeup artist at the Tom Ford counter did.

So once at home I decided to try it out. And I fail miserably at the patting the sponge tip application process. I cannot get it to look smooth at all with the sponge tip. I do remember going home that night from the mall and noticing that my concealer was very heavy from the application the makeup artist did. Now I wonder if that is the only way to get it to look not patchy is to make it a heavier application. I tried patting and swiping with the sponge tip and eventually gave up and tried a brush and my fingers after patting it on. I found my fingers worked the best for a smooth application. The color is fairly appropriate for my NC25-27 skintone. The product dries matte, doesn’t crease and stays put. It actually reminds me of like a liquid slightly less opaque version of Cle de Peau it has the same look after drying/application. Which for some people means they won’t like the possible creepiness look that they don’t like from Cle de Peau either.

Personally the Tom Ford was a bust for me, after much frustration from the applicator and similar look, I might as well stick with my Cle de Peau. I could see some people loving the Tom Ford. And I think you might be able to wash the sponge tip with soap and water and clean it up that way if you wished. With the Tom FordĀ  a little went a long way so I could see it lasting. It is a 3.2mL tube.

Top to Bottom: Shiseido 103, 104, Tom Ford Light Medium.

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