Sisley Sisleya Le Teint Foundation 2B Linen: Review & Swatches

I’ve been testing the new Sisley Paris Sisleya Le Teint Anti-Aging Foundation for a few months. This anti-aging foundation gives an Instant youthful effect make-up upon application and throughout the day. Spectacular long-term anti-aging results. Details per Sisley:

Sisleÿa Le Teint is a truly complete anti-aging fluid foundation. It provides a youthful effect make-up, instantly and throughout the day: – the complexion is radiant (complex of 2 Micas and ultra-pure pigments), – the skin is smooth (unique smoothing base), – make-up stays perfect for 8 hours (Sisley Color Expert technology). Its skin care formula combines many powerful anti-aging ingredients based on the latest Sisley research. Most notably, it is formulated with Persian Acacia extract, a key ingredient of Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Age, for cellular energy*, a source of radiance. The skin is more luminous and even–instantly and with continued usage. Signs of fatigue are minimized. In 4 weeks, the face appears smoother and more firm. The appearance of wrinkles is diminished. Skin is moisturized, plumped and firmer. Oil-free formula, non-comedogenic, suitable for all skin types.* in vitro test

Key Ingredients

  • Persian Acacia extract: cellular energy
  • Chlorella extract: revitalizes
  • Red Vine extract: tones
  • Soy peptide extract: combats loss of firmness
  • Adenosine: anti-wrinkle properties
  • White Willow extract: anti-oxidant, anti-collagenase and anti-elastase properties
  • Vitamin E Acetate: Anti-free radical properties
  • Cherry Blossom extract: moisturizes
  • Wheat Sugar derivative: promotes the retention of water in the stratum corneum.

The texture of this foundation is thin and lightweight. Sisleya Le Teint has a satin finish. It’s hydrating without being dewy. What I love about this foundation is that it doesn’t get oily or more greasy as the day wears on. The longevity is about what it says-8 hours without fading. Overall, it lasts a 12 hour day well enough. Even in hot and humid Texas.

The coverage is light to medium. It can be built up to provide medium coverage in the redness areas such as my cheeks. The coverage is never streaky and it blends in seamlessly like skin. I applied this using a variety of methods: my fingers, foundation brushes and the beauty blender. I prefer my fingers but a brush is also good. A beauty blender is overkill and not necessary unless you really like your beauty blender.

2B Linen is a golden medium to light beige tone. It’s a little more golden than I prefer for foundations, but it’s my best match. 2R Organza is too pink. The foundation has a floral scent. Sometimes floral scents bother me, this one isn’t that bad. The shade range is a bit limited, I would love to see a light medium beige shade with more of an olive undertone. The sheer coverage allows for not needing a perfect match. It reminds me slightly of Zelens Youth Glow but less dewy.

Overall I am completely in love with this foundation. It looks like skin, isn’t too matte & dry nor dewy. This doesn’t get greasy by the end of the day and holds up well enough to the heat and humidity. The coverage is just enough. My skin feels so smooth when I wear this. It’s quite nice. I actually find myself touching my face when I wear this thinking ‘my skin feels so soft and smooth’. Seriously. It does come with a luxury price tag. I grabbed mine from Selfridges.

Top to Bottom: Sisley Sisleya Le Teint 2R Organza & 2B Linen, THREE Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation 204 & 205, SUQQU Frame Fix Lightness 203, SUQQU Extra Rich 003 & 203, La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation Beige 32, Tom Ford Waterproof Bisque 5.5, Armani Luminous Silk 5.5:

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