Small Yes to Carrots Coconut Wipes & Shiseido Cotton Post

For many years I have loved Yes to Carrots cucumber wipes. They are a great cheap, effective and staple makeup remover wipe. Recently at Walgreens I noticed a new Yes to Carrots coconut wipe. I had to try it as I have been obsessed with coconut lately.

The coconut is supposed to be more hydrating than the soothing cucumber. I have to say I like the cucumber better. The coconut is a bit less moist of a wipe. Most annoyingly when you go to pull one of the coconut wipes out you get at least two wipes as they’re packed so tight. I’ve tried holding it in different places to be able to pull only one out, but it seems to not work. This also happens with the cucumber wipes for the first few times on a new package, but for the most part you can pull one out easily. For whatever reason the coconut ones, even down to the end of the package, pull two every time. Unless you feel like stuffing one coconut wipe back in every time you remove one, or putting it in a separate plastic bag for later than you’ll get annoyed with this. It’s a waste. The shape of the coconut package is slimmer and maybe this is the change? Besides scent, the difference in the wipes function itself is so small. So, for less waste of sticking my extra wipe in a plastic bag or shoving it back in the package, I’ll buy the cucumber. They both remove makeup the same, the coconut seems to dry faster, the cucumber is wet a touch longer after using. I should look at the number of wipes per package as well. If the cucumber has more then it’s a no brainer for me. The Yes to Carrots wipes are also a great alternative to expensive ones, I started buying them to replace my MAC ones.

Shiseido facial cotton squares have been a staple for a while. They are similar to the cotton squares you get at Ulta and other places except they are better quality. They’re $9.50 a package for 165 sheets. Which makes them more expensive than the regular cotton squares from Ulta. However, these don’t shed like those regular squares. They are a smooth cotton. Shiseido is the Cle de Peau cotton version for cheap and you can’t tell the difference really. I’ve tried both. They’re the same parent company anyway. These are also great to add to your Sephora cart if you need a boost to get free shipping.

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