Sunscreen Round Up: Part 2

I spent all weekend hanging out with my family and my daughter who turns three today. So I didn’t do much of anything work wise. In lieu of a favorites post I’ll put up my Sunscreen Round Up post in Part 2. You can read Part 1 HERE. Some of these sunscreens are new to me, some are just ones I’m finishing up from last summer but they should be talked about again. Zelens Daily Defense is not a newbie to me. I’ve gone through at least three tubes so far. Zelens recently gifted me a tube and I’m excited to pull it out this winter again. Daily Defense is a completely clear, white cast free chemical sunscreen. It’s great as a face cream/sunscreen in one. This one is only SPF 30 but it’s great for daily use. If you want clear and hydrating this is a fabulous option. I used to use this year round when I lived in Montana. Now that I live here in Texas it’s too hot & humid to use this everyday it’s more of a winter sunscreen. I talked about it some HERE. Looks like it needs it’s own post one day.

Dr.Jart+ UV Sun Fluid is a milky essence style chemical sunscreen. It’s like a light lotion so its mildly hydrating and goes on clear, no white cast. It’s only SPF 30 but it’s great for everyday use as it isn’t too heavy. It layers well. I think anyone who likes chemical sunscreens would enjoy this. I grabbed the Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream on a recent sale as I heard many good things about it. This is similar to the Zelens, it’s a hydrating cream and chemical sunscreen in one. Than You Farmer is a bit lighter in texture and moisture, it’s also a SPF 50 so you get more protection. This has no white cast and it’s like a heavy lotion or light cream level of moisture.

Make P:rem UV Defense me. Blue ray sun fluid has become a total staple body physical sunscreen. It seems it’s apparently sold out on right now. Bummer as I’m almost out. This is a large bottle it took me two summers of frequent use to really get through this one. It’s got a fluid light lotion texture that sets almost matte so no greasy feel or white cast. It’s become my go to for my daughters body because of it’s glorious texture. This is SPF 50 with a light easy lotion texture means less rubbing it into her skin and she’s not freaking out on me taking forever to apply it. The unique thing about the Blue ray line from Make P:rem is the ability it has to reduce heat while wearing it. Oddly it works. Read more about it HERE. Make P:rem makes amazing sunscreens in general. I’ve never tried a bad one.

Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a new to me and I adore it quite frankly. It’s SPF 36 which is fine for me for daily use. The unique thing about this product is that it’s a mineral sunscreen with no white cast. It’s tinted which is why, but the tint is more like a foundation shade versus a tinted sunscreen. This works for me as a light foundation sunscreen combo. It has the most delicious light, non-greasy texture. It feels like a foundation, not a sunscreen. More to come.

I finally grabbed two MISSHA sunscreens to play with. The All-around Safe Block Essence & Soft Finish Sun Milk. The Essence version is more of a lotion essence chemical sunscreen. Almost the same as the Dr.Jart+ except SPF 50 versus 30. It’s got no white cast and has a hydrating lotion texture. This was my favorite of the two. The Soft Finish version has a light lotion texture but it has a more matte or satin finish to it. It mattifies a touch. This has a light pink tint and a bit of a white cast. It’s a mineral sunscreen so that’s why. It smells like watermelon. This will be great for paler complexions but the pale lilac pint tint combined with the white cast make this too pale for my medium skin tone.


Top to Bottom-Make P:rem, Dr.Jart+, MISSHA Essence, MISSHA Soft Finish,Thank You Farmer, Zelens, Alastin:

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