Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipsticks: Review & Swatches #4, 5, EX-05, EX-07, EX-09

The Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist Lipsticks are different than the now discontinued Creamy Glow Lipsticks. They are sheerer, glossier and some of the shades are shimmery. I know a lot who like the original ones don’t like the new moist version. I actually like the moist version. They come in the same glossy black slim case and are 3.8g. With the exception of the limited EX-09 which comes in a matte white case that has green pearl.

#4 and 5 are permanent colors, the rest are all limited and start with a EX in the number. L to R is 4, 5, EX-05, EX-07, EX-09:

#4 is a shimmery neutral pink. #5 is a shimmery nude/peach/pink. #EX-05 is a shimmery rose with gold similar to Chanel Spark Glossimer. #EX-07 is a shimmery coral pink. #EX-09 is a non shimmery slightly pinked nude. The shimmery is not overpowering at all, it’s not gritty. The shades are all glossy and moisturizing. They have average lasting time for this type of glossy sheer shine lipstick.

I bought all these off Selfridges as they are not discontinued. I notice Selfridges puts some of these colors in the wrong category as the regular discontinued Creamy Glow lipsticks. So be careful with that, if it’s in the Creamy Glow category it may be a Moist as I have found out after receiving a package. This was the case with #6 and EX-07 for me recently. Selfridges was nice and gave me a future discount for the price of a lipstick, but to get a refund you have to call their UK customer service. It is cheaper to buy these off of Selfridges in the UK than Ichibankao which is the easiest Japanese online realtor. Selfridges however has a huge shipping fee to the US.

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