SUQQU Extra Rich Cream Foundation 003 & 203: Review & Swatches

I was all set to write about SUQQU’s new Extra Rich Cream Foundation in shade 203 weeks ago when I finally was able to grab shade 003 off of This is a big deal since it was out of stock forever. Like months. Details per SUQQU:

Here at SUQQU time is no longer our enemy.

Most of us think that our skin looks at its best when a foundation has just been applied and the beauty is only to be diminished with time. SUQQU challenged this convention, as a brand with a faith that we women all hold beauty that grows with time.

Packaged in a weighty luxe glass jar is this cream foundation that covers like a heavy cream-with the lighter weight feel of a liquid so it looks like skin, not a heavy cream base.

We have developed an innovative mechanism of a foundation which, like a fragrance, evolves to reveal three subtly different notes of radiance as time passes.

Healthy youthful radiance when first applied in the morning (Top Note), will grow warmer toned by the afternoon as pearl pigments start to glow (Mid Note). In the evening it blends with the skin’s sebum to develop a subtle, natural radiance (Base Note).

Shade 203 pictured above surprised me. It’s described as a Deep Pink Ochre. This shade was almost always in stock after the initial sell out on Selfridges last fall. I stayed away from it thinking pink ochre meant cool pink. I was pleasantly surprised when I grabbed it and it’s actually more of a warm beige ochre that suits a NC27-35. I had tried SUQQU’s Frame Fix Liquid in the past in 002 and it was way to light and yellow. This is a warm shade that manages to have depth to it. I need warm shades with yellow, but not just yellow. I need more beige and olive tones to round it out.

I was set thinking this would be a heavy cream foundation. Living in Texas I was thinking this was a bad purchase with Summer coming up, but I had wanted to try it for so long I couldn’t help myself. While this is a pigment packed heavy cream foundation, the texture has an amazing lightness to it. It’s not heavy and greasy, it manages to cover in full coverage yet with a satin finish that looks like skin. It stays moist and hydrating all day but doesn’t get greasy as time goes on. Give it time to set and I found it didn’t really need a powder.

This lasts about 8 hours before it starts to fade some, though it still lasts quite well. It sets and melts into the skin over the day for a nice finish of good skin. It’s never drying, yet also not greasy. I like it with a less moisturizing primer. I find it’s too much right now in the humidity of the beginning of Summer. When I first grabbed this in Early Spring it was OK for me over a more moisturizing primer. I could apply this with my fingers which was actually OK. A brush like the Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush worked great too. This really looks best with a Beautyblender or similar type sponge. This really melts it into the skin.

I think this is a fabulous foundation I really enjoy it. My only complaint about this product is the mineral oil listed as the second ingredient. Why SUQQU, why? Mineral oil is a top pore clogger and I was hoping it wouldn’t affect me. However, the more often I used this-say a week in a row, I got breakouts. I was so sad. I like using this on an occasional basis because it is quite lovely, it just has this nasty pore clogging effect for me. It is nice for adding some extra coverage to the cheek area in combination with another foundation, so you can skip it in the t-zone pore clogging area. The coverage is superb, it will cover any flaw. It does tend to emphasize some dry patches though if you have a blemish or similar.

A blend of 12 Japanese indigenous botanical extracts* infused in this foundation ensures our all-day guarantee radiance technology. Your skin will love the luxuriously hydrating sensation & rich serum like nourishment.

*Oubaku (Cork Tree Bark) Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Sakura (Cherry Tree Leaf) Extract, Hatomugi (Coix) Seed Extract, Tsubaki (Camellia) Seed Extract, Touki (Angelica) Extract, Okra Fruit Extract (Phyto Hyaluronic Acid), Yuzu Extract, Apple Extract, Japanese Kelp Extract, Gettou (Shell Ginger Leaf) Extract, Ashitaba (Angelica Keiskei) Extract

Left 203, Right 003.

Shade 003 is very NC25 or so, a neutral to warm light medium beige. It’s a touch too light for me on it’s own. It’s not extremely yellow. Shade 203 is a medium warm beige ochre. It’ll cover a NC 27-35 or so. It’s a touch dark on it’s own for me. I love these two mixed together which makes the perfect shade for me. If you can grab it off of Selfridges I would advise doing so, it’s $69 there versus about $110 from a Japan custom buyer.

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