SUQQU Fall 2017: Review & Swatches

Time to talk about one of my favorite brands–SUQQU. SUQQU Fall 2017 was released about a month ago. For once I was actually able to purchase all of my items off of Selfridges. It seems like Selfridges is taking note of the SUQQU online stock issues and has been stocking more SUQQU eye and cheek items. I’ve noticed items coming back into stock once sold out, it used to be once sold out they were gone for good. Details about SUQQU Fall 2017 per SUQQU:

A setting sun sculpts a sharp silhouette of the town. The moon lights up in the dark. The white snowflakes glow in the night sky. We are fascinated to the transient beautiful dramas created by exquisite work by light and shadow. SUQQU AW17 collection is developed to create an alluring chemistry of light and shadow on your face.

New eye palettes for AW17 let you explore the beauty of striking, yet refined dramas created by light & shadow contrast. Enjoy the chemistry and unique harmony of these contrasting shades. 

I grabbed one Designing Eyes Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 07 Hisuiko. Sea Green & Amber Beige palette offers a vivid ocean emerald, adding spice to sophisticated amber beige. Go bold and striking, or balance the shades for a more understated look. I don’t know why I grabbed this quad. I’m a neutral lover and I never wear blues or greens. It just looked so damn pretty I couldn’t help myself. I used to occasionally wear a sea foam green or something but it was some time ago. This quad is permanent to the range. I talked about my thoughts on the new formula here.

Hisuiko contains a shimmering white, tan beige, light medium ocean blue and a less shimmering navy. The navy is the only shade with a different texture, the other three are the same. The navy is still shimmery it’s maybe a bit more satin, but it’s still shimmery. The white is a bit more sheer and feels more glistening than the tan and blue shade. I could do without it personally as I don’t wear white eyeshadow, if you like white it’s a nice glistening shade.

The tan is a neutral light medium tan. It’s my favorite of the palette. Imagine that as a brown lover. It’s shimmery and pigmented, but not glittery or too frosty. It’s just right. The ocean blue has the same shimmer and pigmentation level as the tan shade. It does feel more blue than green. Overall this palette has a neutral to cool tone.

I sat there the first day trying to think how I wanted to wear this as its out of my comfort zone. I’ve been playing around. So far the tan and navy are my favorite two shades. I find the white too light for me and only use it as an inner corner highlight. The tan has been my main lid base. The navy I’ve used in the crease and ‘outer v’ or any kind of ‘outer 1/3’ combo. The tan and navy make for a very neutral look actually. The navy adds a depth to the eye that isn’t as deep as black. It’s nice. I never would have reached for navy but I like having it. I did try layering the ocean blue over the tan and that helped tone the blue down for my preference.

The new, limited edition Pure Color Blush for AW17 offer two contrasting finishes & impressions for your face, natural & warm, or mysterious & bold.  Wet-type formula blends in the skin to create a sensual glow. 

I grabbed the limited edition Pure Colour Blush in 103 Amacha. Sunny Beige palette gives a nude beige with a subtle red for warmth. Naturally contours the face with radiance. I love the Pure Color formula. I talked about it here. I also loved their trio of colors for this shade. It reminded me of Addiction’s blush trio shades. 

Amacha seemed like the perfect nude pink in pictures and when I first opened it I kind of freaked out. It looked like this huge glittery shimmer bomb. When I first swatched this it seemed like it was a micro glitter very shimmery blush color. However, after several uses that micro glitter is just a top spray and it goes away. Yay. Underneath is that absolutely amazing pearly pink nude I was hoping it would be.

The largest section on the left is a light medium pearly pinky nude. In the middle is a pearly light cream gold. On the right is a pearly light nude pink. The two smaller shades are really too small to use separately as a blush. You really get the effect from swirling this together as one. I thought this shade was too light for my light medium skin tone but it actually works out as a nice light natural pinky nude with a light pearly effect. It’s layerable and builds up enough pigment yet it’s also still very natural.

SUQQU’s other blush shades are more pigmented and satin than this shade. This shade is also more moist feeling in texture compared to the permanent shades. I ended up liking this so much I bought a back up, which I never do anymore.

The new Moisture Rich Lipstick range gives balm-like rich moisturisation that sinks in, while creating brilliant radiance that looks as if it came from within. Rather than painting lips with pigments which can make them look flat and dull, the new formula tints & blends in, to bring out the natural plumpness of lips with enhanced definition. In contrast, it offers vivid, bold and dramatic colour variations. Infused with a new blend of Rosehip Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil for instant, long-lasting nourishment.

I grabbed three shades of the new Moisture Rich Lipstick01 Yuukanade, 02 Hanakurenai & 03 Hibeni. 01 Fresh Beige gives a perfect balance of sophisticated nude with warmth. 02 Lotus Pink softly brightens the face. 03 Coral Peach is a bright, pure coral that is designed for grownups.

Left to Right-01, 02, 03:

The formula is a sheer glossy balm like cushy lipstick. I find this more sheer, and hydrating than the Extra Glow Lipstick. It’s thicker and more balm like than the Creamy Glow Moist. All three formulas are glossy and hydrating. They have varying degrees of pigmentation and thickness.

This Moisture Rich Lipstick formula is insanely hydrating and comfortable to wear. It wears off quickly as any balm style lipstick. This one is a touch thicker than the other two formulas so it does last a touch longer. It has no discernible scent or taste. I love their new lipstick packaging for this, very elegant and less minimalist than the others. Shade 01 is a sheer yellow beige nude. 02 is a sheer cool pink but it manages to pull neutral enough on my lips to be wearable for me as I don’t do cool pinks. 03 is a perfect sheer pink coral.

Top to Bottom–01, 02, 03:

Compared with Top to Bottom–SUQQU Moisture Rich 01, 02, 03; SUQQU Extra Glow 11; Creamy Glow Moist 04:

Top to Bottom–Pure Colour Blush 103 Amacha Left Side, Middle, Right Side, Mixed:

Top SUQQU 103 Amacha Mixed, Bottom Summer Cheek & Face Color Palette Mixed:

Swatches of Designing Colour Eyes 07 Hisuikou:

103 Amacha on the cheeks and 01 Yuukanade Fresh Beige on the lips. The day before Hurricane Harvey. It was cloudy so not the best picture but you can see how natural it is and the blush does show up on a light medium skin tone.

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