SUQQU Spring 2017 Designing Color Eyes Palette 01 Yuushakuyaku & Extra Glow Lipstick 11 Hanautsugi: Review & Swatches

I’ve mentioned Japanese brand SUQQU multiple times in the past. SUQQU has now discontinued their previous eye quads and replaced them with the Designing Color Eyes palettes. There is also new blush and Extra Glow Lipstick shades for Spring. I already talked about one of the SUQQU blushes here. This is the first time I’ve tried the Extra Glow Lipsticks. Details about the Spring 2017 Collection per SUQQU:

Exquisite delicacy & resilience, contrasting qualities of Japanese wild flowers
Japan’s distinctive four seasons and indigenous wild flowers play an essential part of the establishment of its people’s profound concept of beauty.
SUQQU has chosen Japanese flowers as its theme for the spring/summer 2017 collection.
Japanese native flowers tend to have bold and striking colours yet also with a modest appearance & a subtle scent. They look elegant and delicate, yet hide a strong & resilient nature that flourishes in harsh environments like cold winters and high altitudes.
SUQQU infused this contrasting set of qualities from Japanese flowers into its new makeup collection. 

I grabbed the Designing Color Eye Palette in 01 Yuushakuyaku. Details per SUQQU:

Each of these newly developed eyeshadow quads achieves a flawless gradation like that of natural flower petals. One shade can be layered on another effortlessly for a perfect natural definition.
For the base of these eyeshadows’ formulation we chose a new oil that is richer than our conventional formulations. It allows an evener application of pearls & a better adhesion to the skin for great lasting power. It also lets each shade spread smoothly as a very thin layer. You can create a flawless gradation and a finish that won’t end up being too heavy.

Yuushakuyaku (Soft Beige & Natural Brown) All-rounder set of natural beige & brown.

I think all old SUQQU fans have mixed feelings about the new quads. The new palettes have a gold metallic base and are slimmer and look more sleek. They still have the same easy depottability. I was excited to see the pans are larger and you get more product. Contrary to previous eye quads all shades are shimmery in these new palettes. The bottom right shade is a touch less shimmery and more satin, but they are all nonetheless, shimmery.

The new formula is more pigmented and the shimmer is more intense. The texture is smooth, blends like a dream and is long wearing. It feels moisturizing for a powder, no dry or chalky feel. This makes it feel heavier than the previous more light and airy less pigmented formula. The previous SUQQU eye quads were known for their refined, complex multi-tonal shimmer. The shimmer in this new formula is not complex or multi-tonal, it’s very one dimensional. When I first opened this I thought the shimmer would be way too much for me. However, on the eyes and the shimmer is not as intense as I thought it would be from the pan or swatching. You can sheer it out for less shimmer as well.

Yuushakuyaku has a pale gold champagne shimmer, a light pink shimmer, a cool shimmery medium taupe and a satin shimmer dark brown. This palette is very neutral to cool in tone. It’s similar to now discontinued Kozuecha. However, Yuushakuyaku is more shimmery, pigmented and cooler in tone. The light pink in Yuushakuyaku applies cooler and lighter than it swatches. Kozuecha has a light coral pink that warms it up and due to the older formula it has more depth and dimension.

Top to Bottom: Top Left then Clockwise:

Top to Bottom:

Left Row-SUQQU Yuushakuyaku Top L Clockwise.
Right Row-Addiction Penny Lane, SUQQU Kozuecha Peach Shade, SUQQU Rengazome Peach Shade, SUQQU Kozuecha Taupe Shade, SUQQU Kozuecha Brown Shade.
Last Bottom Shade: SUQQU Kozuecha Dark Brown Shade.

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick is one I’ve wanted to try for a while, but the first round of shades weren’t for me. Extra Glow Lipstick 11 Hanautsugi seemed up my alley. Details per SUQQU:

A unique blend of seven oils helps your lips to appear plump with a natural glow. Highly pigmented, non-pearl formula creates vibrant & refined lips.

Hanautsugi (Silky Beige) All-rounder beige that can go along with any style.

Hanautsugi looks like a pink beige in the tube, but once swatched and worn on the lips it’s really more of a warm peach beige. It has a sheer yet pigmented look with a glossy and moisturizing finish. It has a bit of a jelly like cushy feel combined with a glossy balm like texture. It lasts average like any moisturizing balm style lipstick. Expect to reapply often. The sleek case is very chic with it’s gold metallic base. The Extra Glow Lipstick is actually fairly pigmented for a balm style lipstick, it’s more than a tint balm or sheer lipstick. I love the texture even if the shade was not quite what I was expecting.

Top to Bottom: SUQQU Creamy Glow EX03, SUQQU Extra Glow 11, SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist 05, Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham Brazilian Nude:

Yuushakuyaku and Hanautsugi are both permanent shades. SUQQU’s limited shades are prefaced with either an ‘EX’ or ‘1’ in the new formulations. I think the new SUQQU Designing Color Eyes Palette will be popular with many, it’s a fabulous pigmented, smooth shimmery shadow with a sleek package. It’s better than a lot of eyeshadows out there.

As an older SUQQU fan I do prefer the old refined mutli-tonal shimmer. The previous quads had more depth to them and the shimmer is what made them stand out as a brand. I also preferred the more light and airy feel of the older formula. The new formula shimmer is more intense and almost looks larger and less refined.

While the new formula may be disappointing for old die-hard SUQQU fans, I feel there’s potential for these new quads. SUQQU could make future shades with that multi-tonal shimmer and add a bit more variety in the palettes, have some with a matte shade, some without. I’ll be looking forward to future shades to see what SUQQU comes up with.

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