SUQQU Volume Eyebrow Mascara & Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen Camel: Review & Swatches

SUQQU added a few new brow products and extended their shade range a few months back. I have been playing with both the Volume Eyebrow Mascara & Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen in Camel for a while. Details per SUQQU:

Eyebrows are the key that defines the impression of the whole face. SUQQU understands this, based on its in-depth study of bone structures & facial contours for the Gankin Massage technique. We are proud to release a brand-new eyebrow makeup range which allows you to create a wider range of looks & impressions of your face, whilst keeping your brows looking effortlessly elegant and natural, never looking over-done.

I completely agree with SUQQU that the brows are the one facial feature that will define how your face looks. It will make or break any look. I’m not a spend 20 minutes on Instagram ready brows person nor do I have perfectly in place brows everyday. Taking the time to shape them and giving them a little bit of love and definition everyday will make a huge difference in how your other makeup looks on you. I actually will reach for a brow product and concealer before I go for mascara. It’s one of my bare minimums as it does make such a huge impact on the way my face looks. I spend less than five minutes everyday on brows, more like two minutes in reality, and these two products from SUQQU make it easy to fit that quick timeline yet still have a defined brow.

Details of the Volume Eyebrow Mascara per SUQQU:

The new eyebrow mascara series gives you a wider range of makeup looks to enjoy, while keeping the brows looking effortlessly natural & elegant.  The new products are designed to stop common problems with eyebrow mascaras such as clumps, dryness and painting the skin.

SUQQU Volume Eyebrow Mascara allows you not only to change the colour of the brows but also style the flow of the brows while adding a perfect amount of volume and radiance. 

Non-pearl formulation & natural looking colour create subtly tinted brows without looking overly ‘made-up’. SUQQU’s unique bullet shaped brush makes it easy to comb the brows from root to tip without painting the skin. Its creamy, non-clumpy formula coats each hair evenly for a natural radiant finish that is resistant against water, sweat and sebum.

01 Khaki offers a softer impact than black, giving natural definitions to the brows.
02 Brown tints the brows with a soft reddish brown for a feminine impression.
03 Camel tints the brows with a refined light brown.
04 Clear has a quick-dry formula that allows you to control & set the flow of the hair with ease.

The wand is small and tapered. It’s small enough to fit the eyebrow well and stiff enough to actually grab hairs and really move them into place. It’s like a short spoolie wand. The formula is not drying and never flakes. It feels a bit more like a pomade style brow mascara versus a typical gel mascara. I find the gel versions tend to flake off my eyebrows throughout the day. This product sets more than a wax or soft pomade. Waxes and pomades stay moist throughout the day and they fade easily. SUQQU’s Volume Eyebrow Mascara does set down and stays put. It does not budge and lasts all day long, 12 hours easy with no fading or moving. This holds the hairs in place for a long time. Lots of gels will hold them for a few hours then the hairs escape and are back to unruly by lunch. The longevity of this product is impressive.
That being said the pigmentation is also quite impressive. It’s a strong brow color, this is not a tint nor for the faint of heart. I have to use this with a very light hand and build up. You can go quickly to way overdone brows if you put too much on too fast. Camel is a warm light brown. The light brown has a slightly reddish tint to it. It’s not a cool brown at all. This is supposed to be their lightest shade but I would not say this is a blonde shade.

Details of the Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen per SUQQU:

SUQQU’s multi-award winning Eye Brow Liquid Pen series has been reformulated to come in 4 versatile shades to match your makeup or mood for the day. 

The innovative liquid pen lets you define and enhance the natural shape of your eyebrows with ease. Resistant against water and oil, its second-to-none formulation endures even with sweating and rubbing, while an infusion of collagen gives nourishment and natural radiance to your brows.

Sheer, yet buildable coverage applied with the super fine tip and the newly introduced thicker handle, allows realistic hair-like strokes that will stay all day.

01 Khaki is softer than black, gives natural definitions to the brows.
02 Brown is soft brown that creates a feminine impression.
03 Camel is sophisticated light brown for fair brows /skin, or to match a refined style.
04 Grey with slight red tone for a chic, grown-up impression.

This is a reformulated version of the existing liquid brown pen. I never tried the old version as the shades were too dark for me so I cannot compare old to new. This is like a thin tipped calligraphy pen. Just like for liquid eyeliners. The tip is thin, tapered and very flexible. You can get very precise which allows you to draw one hair at a time if you like. This pen gives a sheer watercolor like tint of color and allows you to build intensity. This lasts most the day for me as well.

The Camel shade is a cooler light taupe brown. It works quite well for me. It’s light enough to work as a blonde shade. I may have darker brows but I do dye my hair blonde. I tend to like a warmer blonde brow to warm up my brows some, but not red. I’m strange because the general preference I see for most people is to prefer a cooler brow. This pen manages to be light enough for what I prefer and I can see it working for a variety of brows.

Both of these were reasonably priced from Selfridges. SUQQU tends to be expensive when coming from a Japanese site. They retail for $24 though I think the prices got raised recently as I remember it being closer to $22-23 when I bought them. I liked using the pen on the outer half of my brow to really define and shape as well as fill in missed spaces. I then used the mascara over the entire brow to shape and hold the hairs in place. This added a hint of color all over and pulled it together.
While I love the longevity, hold and non-flaking formula of the Volume Eyebrow Mascara it’s the Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen that does it for me. I love it’s precise tip which allows me to really get a good line anywhere I want without the color being too dark. I can follow up any other brow product and if I have a hollow spot I just use this to fill it in. Perfecto! It’s better than a thin dry pencil as there’s no tugging on the skin.
The mascara is just too pigmented for my tastes in addition to not being quite the right shade for me. I need a bit lighter more blonde shade. If this mascara came in a color more similar to Charlotte Tilbury’s Bridgitte I would be all over this mascara as a staple as the formula is quite nice. The Framing Eyebrow Liquid Pen has earned a place in my staple eyebrow product drawer though I would die to see it in a lighter blonde shade. Hint hint SUQQU.

Top to Bottom–SUQQU Eyebrow Mascara Camel, Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows Bridgitte, SUQQU Liquid Pen Camel, Armani Maestro Copal:


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