Surratt Beauty Swatches & Review: Eyeshadows, Blushes, Hevyn, Concealer #5 & Lip Lustres

I took these yesterday to try to help anyone prep for the upcoming Barney’s event next week. I myself did a lot of looking to find swatches and got these during the last Barney’s Beauty Event.

The Lip Slique in Hevyn is a sheer your lip but better pink rose. It has a slight amount of shimmer not very much, it’s sheer but has some color. It’s a small tube which is nice for fitting in small spaces 1.6G. You cannot twist these back down once you click it up so only click up what you need. Overall this is my favorite type of lipstick, I love a moisturizing sheer formula that adds color, these are my lip glosses as I don’t wear regular lip gloss that often anymore.

The Lip Lustres I have in Ensoleille, Soinge & Flamant. These are very sticky, so if you hate sticky this is not for you. They are more of a lip lacquer style and are thick and last. Ensoleille is my favorite and is a pinked shimmery bronze. Soinge is a shimmery rose pink. Flamant is a bright coral with ever so slight shimmer particles but you can’t see the shimmer on lips unless you’re in the sun starting very close. I used to have Coquette which was a pale complex pale shimmery pink. It has a whitish/very pale pink base which was too pale for me as a MAC NC 25-27. I still have a pic before I got rid of it so I can add that for reference but no swatch. They are 6G and on the small end size wise for a lip gloss/lacquer.

Top to Bottom: Soinge, Ensoleille, Flammant.

 Coquette Lip Lustre(I do not have anymore to be able to swatch):

The Blushes I have are La Vie en Rose, Parfait, Ponceau. I also have the contour shade Grisaille and highlight Aureole. La Vie en Rose is a nice neutral muted rose, it’s not a bright rose color. It’s not muddy on me. Parfait is a peach. It shows up on me but it’s not dark it needs layering to be strong. I have some peaches disappear on my skintone. I use a denser brush with this color. Ponceau is a bright coral that is close to a red/pink red family. The blushes are all pigmented enough not the super high end or pigmentation but not the low end either. They are soft and buttery. Grisaille as a contour is not too warm so it works for that and not like a bronzer like some contours, it’s hard for me to overdo it like some other contours because it is light for me. So depends on your preference. This could be a more dramatic contour for lighter skintones. The highlight Aureole is a sheer shimmery champagne shade. Not too light, not too dark where it disappears. With the exception of the highlight all are matte with no shimmer.

Top to Bottom: La Vie en Rose, Parfait, Ponceau.

 Aureole & Grisaille:

Top Aureole, Bottom Grisaille:

The eyeshadows I had to split into 2 quads. Quad #1 has my matte neutrals, this is one of my go to favorite everyday quads. Which I’m sure is boring for some. Top L clockwise: Chamois(butter cream is accurate), Greige(neutral brown, slightly greyed), Ombre(cooler grey brown), Truffe(medium brown). Quad #2 has my shimmers and one matte. Top L clockwise: Soie(pale shimmery champagne), Idealiste(shimmery light peach), Brun Noir(deep cooler matte brown), Haute Chocolate(shimmery bronze).

Top to Bottom: Soie, Idealiste, Haute Chocolate, Brun Noir.

Top to Bottom: Chamois, Greige, Ombre, Truffe.

Overall I love the powder quality, being buttery. They are easy to blend. I’m not a fan of the way Surratt has set up their pans/cases. They are not magnetic, so you have to use double sided tape to put them in the palette. The old ones came without tape and you had to use a separate doubled sided sticker they gave you. The new ones have the sticker on it, but from personal experience the stickers pull apart if you rearrange more than once. So I switched to double sided tape. I never got the Surratt double sided stickers as Barney’s forgot to send them to me, and I was supposed to get them separate after a CS email but never got them. Magnetic would save the trouble as the tape does get less sticky and I have had the pans fall out after moving it around. So that’s my main complaint for Surratt. Change the palette and refill system.

I did used to have Patine and Dore eyeshadows. Patine was a medium grey with a purple hue, Dore was a dirty gold. Some of the Surratt eyeshadows have this micro glitter in them. These two shadows had that micro glitter. I personally didn’t like the micro glitter in those shades and i thought it had too much fall out for me. I know some other shades I don’t own also have that micro glitter. Surratt also has a spray top coat on those shades.

I also have the brow groomer which is like a liquid clear wax I love brown waxes not everyone does. I love it. I do advise re-dipping the brow brush for the second brow or the second one won’t hold as well.

I also have the brow pencil in blonde. You have to buy the case and refill it. The blonde shade is a deeper blonde like a dirty blonde. It’s almost a little too dark for my preference. It’s a skinny refill that has a hard quality. It lasts but I notice if I don’t use it for 2 weeks the top hardens and it needs to be scraped off to be useable again. I find this common with those hard type brow pencils. If they made a lighter color I would probably use it more. But I tend to reach for other brow pencils more.

The last Surratt product I have is the concealer. I bought shades 4 & 5, returned 4. Shade 5 I compared to Cle de Peau in Beige, Almond, Surratt #5, Ochre(L to R):

I find it creamier than Cle de Peau’s, I like it for my blemishes. Plus it’s small and portable. I find it harder to blend for an under eye concealer though. I prefer my Cle de Peau for that.

Size comparison of Surratt to Cle de Peau:

I look forward to see what Surratt comes up with. A foundation would be nice. In general the products are well done, smaller size than you might be used to. But maybe for once I can use a whole product up? Surratt is currently only at Barney’s in the US. I want to say it’s at Liberty in the UK now.

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