Surratt Diaphane Loose Powder Matte & Eclatant vs Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder Natural

I have 3 loose powders I use. Surratt makes a compact loose powder in 2 shades: Matte & Eclatant. It has a powder puff and is a portable loose powder that has a refillable case. Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural is my at home non travel powder. They are all finely milled good choices. Surratt models itself after Japanese cosmetics so I’m not surprised it’s as good powder.

Suqqu Nuancing in Natural is a yellow beige that goes translucent on application. It’s a large enough 15g container. It has no shimmer. Sadly it has to come from a site like Ichibankao for me at a significant markup. I highly recommend this powder.

However, I love the Surratt powder almost more than Suqqu. The compact is portable, refillable and cheaper. It is tiny in comparison at 1.4g. Matte is matte, and Eclatant has a very slight shimmer that’s not noticeable after application. The refillable compact has a insert that has a mesh covered refill. This allows a small amount to be dispensed for application. It doesn’t leak in my purse at all. After a day of jostling it does end up past the mesh on the outside but can easily be pushed back into the mesh, if that makes sense. When not in my purse it does not come out like that. I have been using it almost everyday for months and barely touched what’s inside the 2 compacts. So it’s not a bad value. My only complaint is for Surratt to sell a separate replacement puff. After a few months I need a new one, or will end up washing it soon. And I’m not even through a refill yet, so puffs… The compacts are oval/round with a half glossy over-spray of pink/red and green shimmer on black.

Top to Bottom: Suqqu, Surratt Matte, Surratt Eclatant:

All powders are translucent and don’t add color. If I had to pick just one it would be Surratt Matte.

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