Surratt Eyeshadows-Chinchilla, Zibeline, Vision and Brunatre: Review & Swatches

I’m a lover of Surratt Beauty and was super excited to see new shades of eyeshadows released. I grabbed four: Chinchilla, Zibeline, Vision and Brunatre. I originally talked about Surratt eyeshadows here. Official details per Sephora: “A versatile array of powder eye shadows refills, from glistening shimmers to lush velvets. This Artistique Eyeshadow refill is designed for use with the Surratt Beauty Customizable Palette. Achieve a variety of eye effects, from a sheer wash of color to rich, saturated eye looks. Infused with an exclusive Japanese slurry formula, these shadows can be applied wet or dry.”

I love Surratt refill eyeshadows because they fit in a palette with no wasted drawer space from a compact. The retail is $20. Surratt is always on the smaller, pricier end. So don’t expect a large pan for $20, but it’s decent sized. They’re finely milled, never powdery with decent lasting power. They’re not patchy in application. They’re thinner in texture and have that slurry technique texture. They’re similar to Shiseido. The mattes are not dry and powdery like some brands. The shimmery shades have two finishes prior to the new shades, three after. One is a basic shimmer, two is a more satin shade with a micro glitter, and three would be the new finish described below. I’ve never used them wet, only dry. They have enough pigment dry. They’re actually one of my favorite eyeshadow formulations on the market now. The only draw back is the sticker label style versus magnet or other.

Brunatre is described as a matte medium brown. That’s fairly accurate. It’s not really a matte finish though. There’s a slight shimmer to it, so more of a flat satin. This is actually pretty pigmented, it takes some work blending if it’s the first eyeshadow on fresh eye primer. I almost didn’t get it thinking it would be too warm, but it’s fairly neutral to cool toned brown. It’s a great crease and outer v shade. It works well with the other three I bought. It’s top left.

Chinchilla is described as softest silver. That’s fairly accurate. It’s a shimmery warm silver medium grey. The next three shades of eyeshadow are a new texture for Surratt. It’s a very fine shimmer but almost glittery style shadow. It’s not micro level glitter it’s finer, it’s not metallic in finish it’s less metallic, it’s a cross between a shimmer and micro glitter style eyeshadow. There is no fall out with this. The shimmer in these shadows is more than the regular shimmer eyeshadows but it’s not metallic. The shimmer has some warmth, some gold and other warm tones. I found this did crease a bit easier than the regular ones as well, but only after a 12 hours day so still not bad. It’s top right. I do wish Dore and Patine were in this formula versus that current micro glitter one that causes fall out all day. This is a far better more shimmery formula than that one.

Zibeline is described as a warm sable. That’s pretty accurate. It’s a shimmery medium brown with a plummy edge. It has the same texture as above. It’s bottom left.

Vision is described as a lush mink. It’s  a shimmery neutral tan light to medium brown. Same texture as above two. It’s pictured bottom right.

Top to Bottom: Surratt Brunatre, Chinchilla, Vision, Zibeline:

Compared with Top to Bottom: YSL Couture Mono #11, Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Pop or bottom left shade, Surratt-Brunatre, Chinchilla, Vision, Zibeline, Haute Chocolate, Natasha Denona Satin Skin, Natasha Denona Satin Tan:


  1. Gorgeous swatches Michelle! Thank you so much for these, they're super helpful. Brunatre and probably Zibeline look like must gets for me. I'm intrigued by the new finish that's been introduced – would you say that Vison and Chinchilla are more frosty/shimmery than Patine? I found that shade totally unwearable, at least as a daytime eye shadow.

    I agree that I actually sort of appreciate surratt's packaging and the concept he's going for. I don't mind buying the palettes, I like the freedom of being able to constantly mix new combinations up!

  2. Thanks! Yes they're more shimmery than Patine, but in a different way. Patine had a bunch of micro glitter in it which I also found too much for day, plus it left fall out everywhere. These are shimmery but not glittery like Patine. So while more shimmery, no glitter so they're appropriate for day. However, they will be more shimmery than a basic satin.

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