Surratt Large Classic Eye Brush: Review & Comparison

The Surratt Large Classic Eye Brush is the newest edition to my eye brush collection. It just showed up at Barney’s at the end of October. I had to actually order it from the store on the phone as they haven’t listed it online yet. When I talked to the Surratt sales associate they mentioned not having enough stock to list online yet. The retail for this brush is $55 and it’s made of Canadian squirrel hair. It has a matte ferrule and handle with the Surratt purple and green glossy overspray on the bottom. It seems well made, the hair is soft and I love large eye brushes for a basic lay down of color. It has good spring and blends well. It’s a thin, flat tapered tip brush.

The box is divine, it’s a nice thick black box with a velvet bottom liner. You slide the panel out to get to the brush. It’s not a wood box it’s thick cardboard. It’s nice, but I’m not sure what I am going to do with it now and I probably would prefer no fancy box and save $5-10 on the brush, but that’s just me.

I compared it with the Chikuhodo Z-5, Koyudo BP028, and the Hakuhodo B127. With exception of the Chikuhodo which is gray squirrel, the rest are all Canadian squirrel. The Hakuhodo B127 is a medium size brush but the same shape as the Surratt, I imagine the Hakuhodo is similar to what the medium Surratt Classic brush would be like. The size between the Surratt and the Koyudo is similar, except the Koyudo is fluffier, denser, less precise and not tapered on the tip. The Chikuhodo is shorter, more dense and gives the most intense application of the four. The Surratt actually gives a lighter application compared to the Chikuhodo and Koyudo.

Top to bottom: Chikuhodo Z-5, Koyudo BP028, Surratt Large Classic Eye Brush, Hakuhodo B127.

L to R: Chikuhodo Z-5, Koyudo BP028, Surratt Large Classic Eye Brush, Hakuhodo B127.

The other brushes are reviewed here. I tried to show the top view, I had trouble getting it to show detail well, but hopefully it gives you an idea. Top to bottom: Hakuhodo, Surratt, Koyudo, Chikuhodo.

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