Surratt Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand #5: Review & Swatches

I always wished Surratt would have launched a foundation with the initial line. I have been using the powder and concealer for maybe a year and half. I love both so I was pretty excited to see the Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand launch. I was even more excited it launched during Sephora’s VIB sale a few weeks ago.

Per Sephora’s website: “A skin-perfecting foundation wand that’s a foundation and a brush in one. The Surreal Real Skin Foundation Wand leaves your skin looking flawless. Its innovative design makes application easy, and it instantly melts into skin, reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines. With a number of shades to choose from, it’s perfect for every skintone. This foundation features a self-setting, oil-free formula that provides an invisible, medium-to-full coverage and a long-wearing finish. It dispenses foundation through a brush for effortless application and quick touch ups.”

“My entire career as a makeup artist, I’ve always wanted to create the foundation of my dreams. I wanted my first foundation to be almost supernatural, a magic wand that makes fine lines and imperfections magically disappear. With the push of a button, and a wave of the wand, fantasy skin becomes reality.”—Troy Surratt, Surratt Beauty Founder 

The retail is $65 for a 1/2 oz of product. A little on the pricey end for a smaller size, but such is usual with Surratt if you have tried anything of his in the past. The products themselves while smaller than the average size on the market are always well done. Besides, if you’re like me you rarely ever finish a lipstick, or anything for that matter, before you’re onto the new thing anyway so bigger size isn’t always better. I prefer well done formulations. The packaging is a light plastic wand in the typical Surratt black with purple and green shimmer overspray. The brush is smaller, slanted, round and synthetic.

I chose shade #5 based on The Beauty Professor’s swatches. If you’re into foundation she swatches a ton of brands in most shades so I would check there if you’re looking into what shade to get. It’s an OK match for me. It’s a touch light. I’m usually in that NC 25-27 range and this is more NC 23-25. The other shades looked a bit too dark when I was picking which one to get. I would like to see #6 and #8 in person to see if they are more suited for me. Shade #5 works well enough for me.

I love the foundation, it’s a fabulous formula. Very lightweight and buildable. It’s between a satin and semi matte finish. It’s not as drying as Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation or Armani’s Maestro, but it’s not dewy at all. It lasts pretty well with no fading. I got 8-10 hours out of it easy. You can easily take it with you for touch ups as it’s so portable. It is not heavy or cakey looking at all. It does look like skin and feels like you don’t have anything on. I was able to build it on my cheeks to cover some redness easily. It does set itself as well. I tried it with and without primer. There actually wasn’t that much difference between using Sunday Riley’s Effortless Primer or not. Maybe a tiny hint of less pores using it. It didn’t change the wear all that much either, so the foundation does hold up well on it’s own. I can get lighter coverage out of it, it’s best at the medium level then adding to get full coverage around areas that need it. It does reduce pores fairly well, it’s not greasy feeling and didn’t break me out. I would say it lives up to it’s claims.

My main gripe, the package. While I like the idea of portability, ease and all that. I would much prefer to use the foundation brush I like, such as Tom Ford’s Cream Foundation Brush, or even a Beauty Blender. You could pump this out on your hand then use the tool of your choice, but you would waste a ton in the brush if you never used it. Plus it would be nice to be able to buy two shades and mix them if you needed a better match. Having to pay extra for a brush every time you replace this product is also a waste of money. The brush was my least favorite part of the product. It could be a touch streaky on occasion and it was smaller than I prefer. I also feel like the cap will eventually splay the brush when I try to snap it on. I had to be very aware and careful while closing it. Surratt please make this in a pump, otherwise it’s perfect.

Swatches Top to Bottom(These are all good matches for me currently as a NC 25-27): Omorovicza Complexion Enhancer, Urban Decay Naked One & Done Medium, Surratt Surreal #5, Zelens Youth Glow Beige, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder #6, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation #6, Armani Maestro 5.5, Armani Luminous Silk 5.5:

Edit 5/27: So with summer coming shade #5 has became too light too quickly for me. I’ve been testing #8 and #9 as well. #8 seems to be too yellow and just a hair too light. I’ve noticed #5 and #8, the medium yellow undertone only shades, show my facial hairs and pores more than I like. They’re a touch too light or have more white in the base. I think I’ve realized I have a bit of a neutral or olive undertone in addition to being warm. So the strict yellow shades can be too light for me, I need more depth in a peach or beige fashion to match me. Shade #9 matches me the best right now. It seems so dark wet before it sets. Then it sets a touch lighter. I never pass a NC 30 in the summer so #9 is right around NC 30. I never thought being a medium skintone that a tan foundation shade would work for me, but the peachy tones make this fit better than the golden #8. I’ll try to get pics up later this week of all three.

Edit 5/29: Pics up here.

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