Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer: In The Buff, Pink Dune, Skinny Dip, Rose Soleil & Bitter Sweet: Review & Swatches

I have been meaning to swatch and review the Tom Ford Lip Sheers from last summer, as they are one of my favorite products from Tom Ford, and with new colors coming this summer it seemed like the right time. I love sheer glossy lipsticks more than lipgloss. They replace lipgloss for me. Last summer when Tom Ford put out these limited edition Lip Sheers I grabbed 5 shades, the two bright ones ended up being too much color for me, but I kept In The Buff, Pink Dune and Bitter Sweet. Pink Dune is my absolute favorite and I have two still in my fridge as back-ups. Tom Ford made four colors this summer with two being re-promotes of the ones I tried last year, so I picked up Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil.

L to R: In The Buff, Pink Dune, Skinny Dip, Rose Soleil, Bitter Sweet:

The formula is sheer and glossy. They have a slight vanilla scent. They last like an average sheer lipstick does, maybe 2 hours. I find them moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The regular Tom Ford lipsticks are a little drying for me, my favorite formulas are the Lip Sheers and Lip Shines as they’re the most moisturizing. They are pricey retailing for $50 a piece, their luxury white and gold case is heavy and nice for packaging. The Lip Sheers have a deep slanted square tip compared to the regular lipsticks.

These shades all have varying degrees of shimmer. None are glittery or gritty feeling. In The Buff is a sheer pale neutral nude with gold shimmer. It’s a pretty true neutral nude, no yellow, grey, pink tones. It does not wash me out because it lets some of my natural lip color peek through. It’s really similar to the Lip Shine in Bare except a bit less pink toned, and the gold shimmer is finer than Bare. Pink Dune is a sheer shimmery seashell pink color, it’s a pale pink that’s a touch nude. The shimmer is very fine, it’s mostly white, but multi colored with some gold, pink and sometimes I swear I see green in bright light. It’s not frosty, and though it does make my lips paler, the sheerness of it allows some of my lip color to peek through.

Skinny Dip is a sheer shimmery light pink gold. I was worried Skinny Dip was going to look too much like Pink Dune, but it’s deeper, more pink, opaque and gold. The gold shimmer is fine, and more apparent in Skinny Dip, Pink Dune looks more white shimmer. Rose Soleil is a sheer berry rose with gold shimmer. It reminds me of Chanel’s Spark Glossimer even though I don’t own it to swatch anymore. Rose Soleil is the most sheer of the bunch.

Bitter Sweet is a sheer browned plum with a hint of very fine gold shimmer. This one looks the least shimmery, it’s not really noticeable on the lips. In The Buff is the next least shimmery. Pink Dune, Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil have the most shimmer, with the gold shimmer in Skinny Dip and Rose Soleil being the most visible of the bunch. The shimmer seems more apparent in these new summer shades.  Last years shades were limited edition, while this years are supposedly permanent. I’m hoping they’ll eventually bring back Pink Dune as permanent and I can’t wait to see new shades in the future.

Top to Bottom: In The Buff, Pink Dune, Skinny Dip, Rose Soleil, Bitter Sweet:


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