Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Facial Serum: Review

I’ve talked about the benefits of raw honey, and Manuka honey in particular, for your skin in the past here & here. I have a honey serum with bee venom I use, but after getting pregnant last year I wanted one, minus the bee venom, that just had honey with other ingredients I like. I found one Wild Ferns Facial Serum that has all three honey related products: Manuka honey, royal jelly and propolis as they all have benefits for your skin. Wild Ferns is a natural New Zealand brand that makes a variety of Manuka honey products. I got it off of the www.shopnewzealand.co.nz website, it retails for about $16 for a 50 ml glass bottle with a pump. An added bonus on the packaging style as it’s good for my preferences.

“Containing a combination of active AAH650+ Manuka honey and natural ingredients from the hive, this serum’s highly-concentrated formula is designed to give the skin an intensive rejuvenating boost. Royal Jelly, one of nature’s most nourishing substances containing 134 nutrients, is combined with Cucumber Extract and Witch Hazel that gently calms the skin and reduces puffiness. Propolis helps to protect and maintain the skins moisture and restore natural balance. The calming and deep moisturizing effects of this serum leave the skin feeling beautifully refreshed and renewed.”

Wild Ferns suggests using it 2-3 times a week, not daily. I use it at night as an extra serum if I tend to be close to breaking out or actually breaking out. It’s a light gel serum that’s not sticky and it has a faint sweet/floral scented but not too bad. It’s pretty cheap compared to a lot of skincare and I’ve found honey calming and helpful in acne or blemish times. I like having a serum as I don’t always want to wear honey on my face as a mask to get the benefits. I searched a lot of sites for a good all around inclusive of all three(propolis, honey and royal jelly) serum and this facial serum was one with the best ingredients for the price that I could find. I would recommend trying it to anyone, especially if you have breakouts or acne. It does have a menthol derivative in it, but honestly I can’t tell, it never feels cooling to me, nor is it bothersome or irritating.

I like this one better than their antioxidant version which is thicker, more like a lotion, and doesn’t have the propolis or royal jelly. The bee venom version doesn’t have propolis or royal jelly either so I like having both options. I’ve tried about five honey serums and out of all of them this one is my favorite and has all the things I was looking for, it was the best price and would be the only honey serum I own if I had to pick just one.

The main ingredients are: water, with hazel extract, sorbitol(sugar alcohol/humectant), cucumber extract, betaine & hydroxypropoyltrimonium honey, royal jelly, propolis, ginger root extract, Manuka honey, coco-caprylate(coconut derived silicone like product), menthyl lactate(menthol derivative-less irritating), fragrance.


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