YSL Glossy Stain Rebel Nudes: 101, 106 & New 113

I have tried quite a few of the YSL Rebel Nudes Glossy Stains. I only ended up keeping two as my favorites 101 Nude Provocateur and 106 Beige Anarchist. The rest I tried were lovely colors they were just too bold for me. I never liked the more creme style regular Glossy Stains. They have too much color and are not shimmery enough for me. I prefer regular lipstick for that much color. I recently saw two new colors on Nordstroms 113 Coral Reformer and 114 Wild Pink. I decided to try Coral Reformer or 113 as the other looked a touch darker than I wanted.

Overall they have a unique formula if you’ve never tried it. It’s like a lacquer, but it dries down from a cream kind of texture to a more sticky glossy liquid lipstick style. The Rebel Nudes are still slightly sheer, and they do have a stain like quality as well. They can be a bit drying by the end of the day, but not for short periods of time. I find I have to scrub my lips good the next day after wearing. They last maybe 3 hours or so before I need to touch up. I also notice the color does darken as they dry, so the color tends to be darker on the lips than in the tube. They feel like a long lasting gloss, and have that shine. Yet they also have a stain effect and a slight liquid lipstick feel.

L to R: 113, 106, 101

113 or Coral Reformer is a milky light peach with pink shimmer, it has a slight touch of gold shimmer as well. 106 or Beige Anarchist is my favorite of the bunch. It’s a pink nude, but it has this great pink shimmer and iridescence. It is the most shimmery of the three above. 101 or Nude Provocateur is a nude with pink and blue shimmer. It makes it look like it has a purplish shift in the light. 

Top to bottom: 113, 106, 101.

The color is off in the below photo, but the indoor bathroom light shows the shimmer more.

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