Daiso Japan Reusable Silicone Mask

I was reading an email by Renee Rouleau when I came across this strange contraption–a silicone mask. It’s purpose is to hold a sheet mask on your face so it doesn’t slide nor evaporate as quickly. Renee had a different use for it, to keep a cream or gel mask from drying out. Using it as a barrier to prevent evaporation. Details per Amazon:

  • Daiso japan reusable silicon mask cover for sheet mask-prevent evaporation
  • A super hit mask cover makes of elastic silicon
  • Comfortable to skin
  • Wrapping effect – wear over a sheet mask, it prevents mask essence from evaporating, helps reserve the maximum amount of essence for skin nourishment

Kind of like Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Mask this has ear holes so it fits snugly on your face to keep it from sliding around. The silicone is thin and stretches easily. This is less than $6 with free shipping from Amazon Prime. I figured it was worth a try as I hate it when some of my gel masks dry out quickly. I do feel very much like The Man in the Iron Mask when I wear this.

It’s not uncomfortable by any means to wear, it doesn’t slide around which is nice. I do find I have the same feeling overall about this as I do sheet masks–They just don’t fit my face well. The eye holes are too thin and it interferes with my vision while using. It gives me an uncomfortable overall feel because it’s too small in the eye area. It just isn’t a good fit to my face shape. You can trim the ear loops to get a better fit. I actually plan on trying to widen the eye holes and see if it becomes more comfortable to wear.

Besides the fit the idea is stellar. It works quite well. It kept every mask I tried a nice creamy out the jar texture and I had none of that drying out mask feel. I quite liked that part. It will intensify an acid peel though, it could make it too strong. The heat becomes trapped in the mask with this and it can make the mask develop faster. I tried this with Tata Harper’s Resurfacing Mask, which normally is mild and I can barely tell it’s on my face besides drying to an uncomfortable layer. With this silicone mask the Tata Harper never dried out but it felt very intense. Very warm and started to sting mildly after ten minutes. I had to remove the mask early. This was best for creamy or hydrating masks, not peels.

For less than six bucks you can’t go wrong trying it, especially if you love sheet masks but hate them sliding around. It’s also worth trying for those hydrating masks that you hate drying out. This is easy to clean just a quick wash with some hand soap and it’s clean.


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