Kjaer Weis Highlighter Radiance: Review & Swatches

Kjaer Weis is one of those brands I’ve always wanted to try. It fits into the category of pricey, natural, organic makeup. I usually don’t like natural organic makeup, not for the principal, but I just never like the textures or shades they put out. Kjaer Weis is definitely one of the luxe top end organic makeup brands. I finally caved and grabbed one item the Highlighter in Radiance. Details below per Kjaer Weis.

The cream formula and perfectly smooth, silky texture adds a summery “just kissed by the sun” finish to every skin tone. Ideally suited for use with the Kjær Weis Foundation and Cream Blush, the Highlighter can be used to enhance and accentuate the cheek bones, nose, or brow line, providing a subtle, youthful glow. The warm pearl color also lends itself to use as a cream eye shadow, either by itself or on top of a darker eye shadow for a subtle, iridescent finish. For best results, apply with the warmth of fingers or with the Kjær Weis Foundation Brush. The Highlighter compact is the same size as the Cream Blush compact, allowing for easy use of the Intelligent Refill System.

The compact itself is extremely luxe. It’s very weighty and will look nice on any vanity. If you’re into packaging there’s nothing you’ll hate about this brand. The silver compact swivels out to reveal the inner product. It has a magnetic closure. The best part I love about the case is that you can pop out the inner pan, with one push of a skinny object into the hole in the back, and then remove the pan. You can replace it, if you’ve used up all this product, or change it out with a blush pan if you wish. The refills are cheaper than the first purchase of both the case and the product.

Extremely pretty packaging aside, the inside houses a creamy beige pearl highlighter. The texture is soft and creamy. Not greasy or oily, but soft and creamy. The finish isn’t shiny nor glossy, it sets down to a more satin slightly matte shimmery pearl. I thought this was going to be too creamy and fade away quickly when I first swiped it, but it actually lasted pretty well with about 6-8 hours before fading.

The color is descried as a warm pearl. It’s a unique color. While it feels like a light to medium beige pearl, it has a more neutral or slight coolness to it as well. It feels more like a neutral beige pearl. It’s not a light shade either and while it works great for my light medium to medium skin tone, those with fair to pale complexions might find it too dark to work as a highlighter.

It’s not cheap at $56 for the case and product. It’s only $32 for the refills so you are paying a good portion of the up front cost to the packaging. It’s a good sized pan. I’ve used it frequently and not really made a big dent. I definitely want to try a few more Kjaer Weis items. I have my eye on a few blushes and a lipstick maybe.

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