Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme Charismatic & Matte Rush: Review & Swatches

At the grocery store I came across these new Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cremes. I’m not really a big liquid matte lipstick lover, though they are quite popular and really having a moment right now. These two metallic red shades seemed intriguing as I love a really good metallic red. I grabbed two shades which I can’t find on the Milani site so I’m guessing they’re new and probably limited edition. Details per Milani:

Paint your pout with gilded glamour. Bold and richly pigmented, these metallic liquid lip colors shine with a soft luster and dry to a smooth matte finish—without drying out your lips. Waterproof and kiss-approved, each Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crème delivers up to 16 hours of wear. Remove with a longwear lip color remover.

The two shades I grabbed are Charismatic 21 and Matte Rush 20. The formula is what I expected of a liquid matte lipstick. The extremely pigmented thin textured lip creme dries down to a matte impenetrable finish. This doesn’t budge, smudge nor transfer once it sets. It’s also really drying, which is what I figured. Charismatic is a metallic warm orange bronzy red. Matte Rush is the classic metallic blue toned red. Both are medium red shades. Neither is a dark vampy red, just that classic medium tone. Charismatic is lighter than Matte Rush as I tend to find most warm reds are always a touch lighter.

Top to Bottom–Charismatic, Matte Rush:

The wands have a duo sided concave sponge applicator. This formula smells sweet like vanilla cake. I have one thing I learned from wearing these. Start with a light layer. Add more if you need it. While a heavier layer will set fine it tends to then flake off around the inner lip area. A thinner layer was better at preventing this. It’s really pigmented so a thin layer is fine.

I found these hard to wear alone because they were too drying for me. I’m sure if you’re used to matte shades the formula will be fine for you, but I’m a moisture lipstick lover. I loved these the most under another metallic lipstick like Urban Decay in Wrath or Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Crimson Chrome. While I love both those hydrating metallic red formulas they disappear quickly. I loved layering the Milani below because it not only intensified those metallic red shades it really gave a good long lasting base to the Urban Decay and Smashbox. If you fancy metallic reds give them a go as for the $8 or so they cost why not.

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