SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation 202: Review & Swatches

I never really been into powder foundations. Since moving to Texas two years ago I have come to experience heat and humidity like I’ve never known before. After last summer I was thinking a powder foundation for the summer might be good. Then one of my favorite Japanese brands SUQQU released their new Lucent Powder Foundation. I figured it was time to try one. Details per SUQQU:

Powder foundations are quicker to apply and easy to carry, while they tend to get heavy and cakey, drying the skin and lacking natural skin’s freshness. 

While removing as much of the cons as possible to develop our least-powdery powder foundation, SUQQU has also discovered a new kind of radiance that only powders can create. It’s light, soft and elegant radiance, unlike the dewy rich glow of liquid or cream foundations. You will choose this foundation for its graceful radiance, not just because a powder foundation is handy.

The crystal beads smooth unevenness while the porous beads absorb excess sebum. This technology by SUQQU provides a silky smooth finish without any powderyness. It both feels on skin & appears to eyes, hydrated & light.

Infused with Japanese native skincare ingredients such as Sanshou (Zanthoxylum Piperitum) Peel Extract & Someiyoshino Sakura Leaf Extract. 

The case is a slim black plastic which makes it easy to tote around. The case is sold separately and you buy the refill in whatever shade matches your skin tone. I grabbed 202 Warm Nude. You can also buy extra sponges though one comes with the case. The sponge is well made and will hold up to washing well. I don’t see it falling apart and it feels like a good quality sponge. I got mine off of Selfridges which is the best place to grab this item right now.

The powder foundations I’ve tried in the past have been heavy and looked cakey which is why I have always stayed away from them. This formula is not one of those. This powder foundation is lovely. It has a very thin lightweight texture. This actually disappears into the skin. It melds with your skin instead of looking like powder sitting on top. It mattifies the skin reducing shine and oiliness. Making it perfect for summer. I’ve used setting powders that look heavier than this on the skin. This really doesn’t look heavy or powdery at all. It’s quite brilliant.

Lucent Powder Foundation holds up fairly well in the Texas heat and humidity–it lasts most of the day. This is very portable so touch ups are a breeze. I loved that this wasn’t drying either. It is a drier foundation in general so plan your skincare or primer to counteract this. I didn’t use a mattifying lotion nor primer when using this. You can if you have really oily skin and it would probably work for you. It was overkill on my combination skin to use a lotion like La Mer The Moisturizing Matte Lotion followed by a matte primer than this powder foundation. You’re going to have to play with the right combo for your skin type, climate and season. This could be used in winter as well with the right combination.

Do make sure you use this on a well exfoliated face. I found this can emphasize the nose area pores and hairs if you one-apply too much or two-didn’t exfoliate your pores prior to applying. This is a foundation that’s best to start light then build intensity. It’s very easy to build in certain areas and do a light coat overall to avoid a heavy powdery look. You can get a light medium to medium full coverage. This isn’t sheer nor is it heavy. It covers the redness on my cheeks for the most part as well as any other skin discolorations while still allowing enough skin to peek through. That’s what makes this a successful powder foundation. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It delivers on it’s promise of being easy and quick, covers well, absorbs oil and mattifies the skin with no heavy powdery feel–all while remaining light, skin like and non-drying.

Top Rouge Bunny Rouge Imperceptible Powder Evanescence Eidola, Bottom SUQQU Lucent Powder Foundation 202 Warm Nude:


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