SUQQU Pure Color Blush 04 Urushibi: Review & Swatches

SUQQU is a Japanese brand I love dearly. I’ve been wanting to try their Pure Color Blush forever. I’ve finally been grabbing a few shades here and there. I talked about two shades here. Urushibi 04 is the most recent shade I’ve acquired. Details per Selfridges:

Inspired by aka – the Japanese word for red – one of the oldest and most iconic shades to have existed in the Japanese language, SUQQU’s new AW16 collection is built upon a range of enlivening reds. The Pure Colour Blush comes in two beautifully gradated two tones – a subtle glow & a bright pop of colour. Formulated with translucent, finely-grained powder particles, it shows pure, true and vibrant on skin. An infusion of a generous amount of emollient oils allows a smooth, non-powdery finish. 

The Pure Color Blush comes housed in a sleek black compact. It’s super easy to depot to put in a palette. Just push the pan out with a pointy object and it’s done, no heat needed. The powder is super finely milled, thin, lightweight–it’s amazing. It’s a large size pan which is nice. The powder goes on like silk, is pigmented and blends like a dream. No powdery texture at all. The finish is very satin matte. Not shimmery at all. Just a hint.

Urushibi is a medium plum shade. You can make it lighter or darker depending on how much of the light shade you mix into it. The deeper shade is warmer while the lighter shade is cooler. Making it a neutral shade once mixed.

If you can find it on which is the best place to buy it. Or at a Selfridges counter if you live in the UK. If you live outside the UK and Selfridges is out of stock(like always) Ichibankao, or a similar Japanese custom buyer site, is pretty much your only option. SUQQU(a Kanebo brand) really needs to improve their stock availability online at Selfridges. No one likes to call counters anymore to order. Especially as an overseas order. Maybe it’s part of their appeal, that you can’t get it readily. It’s a shame they don’t work on their availability as it’s such an amazing brand.

Below is 04 Urushibi on the left and 07 Tsuyasatsuki on the right:

Sunlit view of Urushibi:

Top to Bottom-Left Side, Right Side, Mixed:

Compared with Top to Bottom-SUQQU Urushibi L Side, R Side, Mixed; Marc Jacobs Flesh & Fantasy; Rouge Bunny Rouge Habanera; SUQQU Tsuyasatsuki Mixed:

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