SUQQU Summer 2017 UK Exclusive Pure Color Blush 102 Tsuyakageru: Swatches

SUQQU is a Japanese brand I talk about a lot. I have a love/hate of their brand. I love it because it’s fabulous and such a well done brand. I hate it because it’s just so hard to get outside of the UK and Japan. The Pure Color Blush formula is amazing. I’ve talked about it here and here. I finally snagged the UK summer exclusive Pure Color Blush shade 102 Tsuyakageru(off of eBay of course as it sold out in an instant–like two hours or less on Selfridges online).

Tsuyakageru is described as Bronzed Orange and gives a Bronzed, “sun kissed” dewiness for face. That’s pretty accurate. The left side consists of a matte milk chocolate brown. The right side has a shimmering orange. I will admit I never wear orange, maybe a coral, but never straight up orange. The only reason I grabbed this was because it’s SUQQU and was decently priced on eBay.

It’s very orange. The shimmer is subtle it makes a satin finish when mixed. If you like orange or warm neutral brown shades you’ll probably like this. It’s quite pretty just to stare at it. Same pretty slim case as all SUQQU blushes. Easy to depot just push it out and slap a magnet or z-palette sticker on it.

I have a warm neutral light medium to medium complexion. On me the brown was a touch muddy. The orange was good, I just had a hard time with it as I’m not normally a straight orange person. This would be fabulous on a more light or fair toned person. The orange would show up more vibrantly. On me it was slight and looked more like a very orange bronzer. The texture is amazing as always-silky, light and smooth. I’m ready for SUQQU fall now.

Top to Bottom–Left, Right, Mixed:

Top to Bottom–Tom Ford Terra Bronzer; SUQQU 102 L, R, Mixed; THREE Magical Thinking 07; SUQQU Hanachori Mixed:

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