R+Co Trophy Shine + Texture Spray & Sail Soft Wave Spray

I’ve played with multiple items from R+Co in the past. Trophy Shine + Texture Spray is fairly new to the line. I just never happened to notice R+CO Sail Soft Wave Spray in the past. I’ve been playing with both for some time. Both products come in an aerosol can which makes for easy application.

Trophy Shine + Texture Spray Details per R+Co:

Who doesn’t like pretty shiny things? Win big with TROPHY. Add the right amount of texture, volume and shine to any hair type, leaving you feeling like a winner.

Good for Hair that looks young, shiny and lived-in.

Fragrance ROSY EYED – A spirited unpredictable scent. Bergamot, Wild Fig, Cyclamen, Lotus Flower, Cedarwood, Tonka Beans

Directions Shake well. Spray on towel dried or dry hair and style. Hair looks naturally radiant almost instantly.

Active Ingredients

*Fuller’s Earth, naturally occurring clay that removes excess oil and impurities from hair.
*Sea Kale, infuses hair with intense moisture and shine.

*Sweet Almond, a natural oil that adds shine and moisture without weighing hair down. High in vitamins A, B, D, and E, magnesium, zinc, potassium as well as healthy fats.

Sail Soft Wave Spray Details per R+Co:

Set SAIL with the most natural looking voluminous waves. This lightweight spray adds natural volume and texture to your hair while giving you the kind of soft, supple, shiny waves you’ve been dreaming of.

Good for: All hair types to get soft waves or any other naturally tousled, shiny supple look.

Fragrance: SERIOUS GAZE – A bright oriental composition. Juniper Berries, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Leather Accord, Violet, Dark Woods

Directions Spray on dry or towel dried hair. Use fingers to scrunch hair into beachy waves, or style as usual with heat tools. Leaves your hair touchable and soft, with enough memory to style again throughout the day.

Active Ingredients

*Amla, rich source of vitamin C. Nourishes and conditions hair and scalp. Has anti-oxidant properties. Adds amazing shine and luster to hair.

*Sea Kelp, high in vitamin and mineral content. Adds shine, volume and softness to hair.

*Rose Hip, conditioning agent that leaves hair feeling soft and revitalized.

Both are extremely easy to use. Spray on damp hair. Air dry. Easy. I love texture and salt sprays, I never blow dry my hair anymore, I air dry and like a bedhead or tousled messy look.

Sail Soft Wave Spray is a standard salt spray except it’s in a pressurized can for easy dispensing. It makes my hair softer, adds waves and texture like all salt sprays. However, my hair falls flat by the end of the day and gets a little frizzy which is pretty standard for all salt texture sprays. They look really good for a few hours then the waves fall flat and you get more frizz. It’s why I’ve started to go towards a more texture spray that’s salt free like Trophy Shine + Texture Spray. This one doesn’t dry my hair out bad like some pure salt sprays.

Trophy Shine + Texture Spray is an amazing texture spray. It’s got a hint of shine with volume and waves that last all day. It’s salt free so none of that frizz. Most of these texture sprays have some kind of stickier residue, oil or polymer that helps hold the hair in place. Kind of like a liquid pomade in some aspects. They don’t dry down or go away so that’s why the hold and waves last. They can make your hair look sticky and dirty if you apply to much, so use sparingly in the front and use more on the mid level to ends than the roots. You still wants a bit in the roots to lift it and add texture. I love and use Trophy all the time. It’s become one of my go to texture sprays and a Hero Product. I love the ease of use of the aerosol can, just be careful as you can layer it on quick and overdo it. It gives me perfect messy bedhead waves that last all day. This is the one I recommend of the two.

Beauty Endeavor Tip These types of pure salt sprays are great to layer with a texture cream to help hold the waves longer, it also helps control some of that later day frizz. Oribe Matte Waves and VERB Sea Texture Cream are two good options for this. Apply them from mid level hair to the ends.

Trophy in Action–

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