SUQQU UK Christmas 2017 Collection

Feels like the SUQQU Fall Collection just came out. The SUQQU UK Christmas Collection just launched this week. Details per SUQQU:

SUQQU UK exclusive Christmas makeup collection 2017 captures the splendour of urban Christmas in the cold city nights. It consists of magically beautiful Christmas colours for our popular makeup series; three Designing Color Eyes palettes, a Pure Color Blush palette and three Extra Glow Lipstick shades. All seasonal limited edition & exclusive to UK.

I grabbed three items–Designing Color Eyes 110 Kohakuyoi, Pure Color Blush 105 Tankouka and Extra Glow Lipstick 108 Amasoubi. This entire collection is limited edition and exclusive to the UK. It’s available now on Selfridges, and in a few days at Harrods and Fenwicks. I grabbed mine from Selfridges, and miraculously the blush and this eye quad are still available. The other two eye quad shades come back in and out of stock.

The stars of the SUQQU collections are always the eye quads and blush. These two would be my top two picks from this collection as well.

This year the Designing Color Eye Quads come in a stunning sparkling white case with rose gold metallic trim. Usually they are black with yellow gold. I love rose gold, so this is one quad I won’t be depotting like normal.

Designing Color Eyes 110 Kohakyoi A combination of deep browns with golden beiges with yellow/green shimmers. Inspired by the amber dusk tones of cities.

This golden brown hued quad contains a cool matte beige. The beige has an almost cool, grey mauve tone to it. Unique. It’s smooth, not dry and makes a great base shade as well as using to blend other shades together.

Top left is a glimmering yellow gold. This has white and gold micro glitter in it. It’s more than shimmer. The shade is a touch sheer it’s not fully pigmented. It has a moist feel to it, it’s not dry at all. It’s like a sheer glittery topcoat kind of shade. This is sheer and requires some work to get it to show up well.

Bottom left is a warm shimmering bronze brown. This has a metallic feel to it, more than just shimmery. Very fine shimmer to make the bronze, plus some larger gold and bronze shimmers. There’s a few flecks of micro glitter in it, it doesn’t feel as glittery as the gold however. This one kicks up quite a bit of powder when you use it. SUQQU usually isn’t like that. The color is finely milled, pigmented and it’s not dry or anything. I think that metallic feel to it is what maybe makes it kick up powder. Watch for some fall out when you apply this shade. More so than usual SUQQU. It goes on like a metallic bronze and you don’t notice the glitter.

Bottom right is the deep contour shade. This usually is less shimmery and more matte/satin in SUQQU quads. Good for lining and defining the eye area. This shade is quite unique it has a deep warm gray/mauve feel to it. It’s almost like a chameleon. It has fine micro shimmers in blue, pink and similar tonal shimmer. It’s quite stunning. It looks different in various light. I love it. It’s not as pigmented as the bronze, but it’ll cover pretty well. It blends easily. No stiff dark contour shade texture here.

Here’s the quad after I dug into it a bit. You can see the lovely tonal shimmer in that deep shade more here.

Pure Color Blush 105 Tankouka Dusty rose with a soft shimmer. Matches with any skin tone & adds a flattering flash of colour to enhance skin’s clarity.

This blush is a shimmery dusky pink mixed with a shimmery light golden peach. The shimmer in this is subtle don’t expect a huge glow to your cheeks. It’s adult and daytime appropriate. It just gives a glow more than a shimmery blush or highlighter feel. Mixed together this is a warm golden peach pink perfect for a multitude of looks.

The formula is silky, smooth, finely milled and a joy to use. The SUQQU Pure Color Blush is among one of my favorite dry blush formulas out there. This shade reminds me of NARS Sexual Content, it’s very similar. NARS is a touch more purple but not by much. See the swatches below.

Extra Glow Lipstick 108 Amasoubi is rose with browny beige. Deep yet versatile to wear day or evening, adding serenity to your style. The Extra Glow Lipstick is a cushy glossy pigmented formula. It’s very comfortable to wear. Amasoubi is a deeper neutral brown rose shade. It will give you a pretty pigmented lip in one swipe. This shade is very not me, I grabbed it for the sake of grabbing it. Don’t know why honestly. I used to like shades like this. I’m going to push myself out of the ‘nude only’ safe zone this winter with this shade. This shade is very winter and holiday appropriate and not so deep that you can’t wear it in the daytime.

110 Kohakuyoi Starting Top Right and then Counter Clockwise:

This one reminded me a bit of SUQQU Summer LE Quad 105 Hikarisuna. Top 110 Kohakuyoi (same order as above), Bottom is the gold, bronze and cream grey shade from 105 Hikarisuna:

Compared with Top to Bottom–SUQQU 105 Tankouka Left Side, Right Side, Mixed; NARS Sexual Content Right Side, Left Side, Mixed:

Top to Bottom–SUQQU Extra Glow 108 Amasoubi, Extra Glow 11 Hanatsugi, Cream Glow EX-03, Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Nubile:

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